Jimmy Kimmel Accidentally EXPOSES Mass Migration!

Recently the insufferable late night propagandist Jimmy Kimmel went to Japan and was stunned by how much more orderly, clean, and civilized it was compared to the US, especially the cities. He ranted about this in a recent monologue on his show but many online were quick to point out that Japan is the impressive civilization that it is because it acts against nearly every policy Jimmy Kimmel stands for. 

Japan has always had some of the strongest restrictions on immigration in the world, of course aided by the fact that they are a monoethnic island. Even in recent years as birthrates have regrettable plummeted, Japan did not cave to the globalist mass migration lobby. However, due to the economic contractions predicted to come as the aging population is unable to be adequately replaced, there are moves to let in hundreds of thousands of Indians and other mostly South Asian immigrants into the country. Jimmy Kimmel, however, is apparently too stupid to make the connection between Japan’s cleanliness and their strict immigration restriction. It wasn’t that long ago when Kimmel was mocking the idea of a border wall and restricting illegal immigration altogether:

The homogeneity of Japan allows for the world’s largest city of nearly 40 million people, Tokyo, to be one of the safest and cleanest cities in the whole world. The fact that the vast supermajority of people are Japanese from Japan who speak Japanese creates an environment much more conducive to understanding, assisting others, conscientiousness, and other positive civilizational traits. Much like in parts of Europe that are still mostly European, one can usually lose their wallet for hours only to come back to it having not been stolen. Many report stories like this.

Recently Japan has extended e-visas to Indians and anticipates over 820,000 immigrants in the next five years. While many of these immigrants may be fairly assimilable Vietnamese or Koreans, the majority will likely be Indians who unfortunately have a habit of turning places they live into little India’s, and I doubt anyone would praise India’s cleanliness over that of Japan. Unfortunately even in Japan there are those that would rather import a foreign underclass to the detriment of cultural security and public safety instead of sustaining a brief economic downturn.

While Japan’s problems pale in comparison to the open border situation the US is facing as well as the exorbitant amounts of legal immigration that also shouldn’t be happening, east Asia is dealing with the worst fertility crisis around the world with South Korea having a birth rate of around .75 children per woman. Japan is not faring too much better, but perhaps they could focus on encouraging Japanese emigres to return home as opposed to bringing in hundreds of thousands of Indians or Africans. Hopefully the Japanese do not commit to replacing themselves as the leaders in the West have so wholeheartedly committed to.

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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