Javier Milei Delivers INCREDIBLE SPEECH at Davos!!!

Javier Milei gave one of the most remarkable speeches ever delivered at the World Economic Forum. The new Argentinian president stunned the WEF with truth bombs, defending Western civilization against the onslaught of the WEF’s socialist tyrannical aspirations.

– Argentinian President Javier Milei delivers a powerful speech at Davos, criticizing the WEF’s plans and accusing them of abandoning freedom for socialism.

– Milei critiques ESG criteria, a key element of Stakeholder Capitalism, as an attempt to pressure companies into adopting woke social justice goals.

– The president dismisses feminist arguments as cultural Marxism, criticizing the narrative that society will perpetually face unfairness without constant intervention.

It’s the speech that’s being talked about all over the world. The new libertarian Argentinian president Javier Milei visited the Swiss mountain village of Davos and fired with both barrels, delivering in a blistering excoriation of the devious plans that the WEF has for the West, causing Klaus Schwab to squirm in his seat. Milei’s speech began by warning them that they were abandoning freedom for socialism, which only ended up producing poverty and misery.

What Milei is saying there has been developed in even greater depth by the Harvard economic historian, David S. Landes in his landmark study ‘The Wealth and Poverty of Nations: Why Some Are So Rich and Some So Poor.’ His basic thesis for the wealth and poverty of nations is rather simple: rich nations are once-poor nations that developed free market economies; poor nations did not. The key to the thesis is that free market economies require governments that fundamentally do two things. They do not interfere with people’s economic endeavors and the governments protect private property rights. Every poor nation contradicts those two premises.

Landes found that every nation mired in poverty interfered in the economic affairs of its citizens, and failed in protecting private property rights. That’s the basic argument, and that’s precisely what Javier Milei schooled the WEF in.

Milei discussed Klaus Schwab’s notion of ‘Stakeholder Capitalism.’ Stakeholder capitalism is generally presented as a system in which corporations are oriented to serve the interests of the general population at large, not just their investors. Stakeholder capitalism involves instituting what’s called ESG which stands for environmental, social, and governance criteria. That refers to scores that corporations get about those key areas so that investors can show they are investing in companies that advance leftwing social justice goals, including green energy, racial equity, and abortion access.

ESG is the attempt to pressure companies to become more and more woke. That is why Milei sees socialism and wokeness going hand in hand. Milei sees feminism and the war between the genders, as he put it, inextricably linked to socialist ends. This is because they lost the class warfare argument that socialist economies simply couldn’t compete with capitalist ones. Socialists switched to a cultural warfare argument, arguing that without their constant intervention, society would forever be marred by unfairness and inequity. Milei said that we can’t be a truly free market society, by definition, with people being oppressed.

So this whole feminist fad is utter and complete nonsense. He went on to slam apocalyptic environmentalism and its propensity to redefine free human choices as potentially detrimental to the planet. He slammed the cultural Marxist takeover of our universities and colleges, and he slammed the whole social justice movement that ultimately always ends up with radical injustice. He gave the most epic speech ever given at the WEF. His speech will be looked back on as a fixed point in history when the world told the WEF to shove it!

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