Jamaal Bowman INDICTED for Fire Alarm Stunt!

Democrat Congressman Jamaal Bowman was indicted for pulling the fire alarms at Capitol Hill. He now must go to the police to have his information collected. His sentence involves a maximum sentence of 6 months in prison, however, it is unlikely that he would serve this time because he is pleading guilty and therefore will only likely need to apologize and pay a fine. We also are just now seeing footage coming out exposing that he pulled warning signs before pulling the fire alarm and walking away.

He turned himself in to the police after being charged with a misdemeanor for falsely pulling the fire alarm. It is being reported that he is going to only have to pay a $1000 fine and will be on probation for 3 months. It is also reported that this violation will be dismissed from his record as he is making a deal with his prosecutors.

Bowman initially denied this crime as many democrats and legacy media outlets supported the narrative that he didn’t know how to open a door. We now see a clear video showing him quickly taking down the signs and pulling the alarm in what is unquestionably intentional. Many big liberal figures were quick to defend Bowman as ‘understandably confused.’ AOC claimed that this was a confusing situation and seemed skeptically agreeing with Bowman’s claims that this was a complete accident.

The View hosts somehow decided that Bowman pulled the fire alarm as he panicked when he could not open the doors. As a result of this ‘panic,’ he ‘pushed the button’ of the fire alarm. We now see that despite Bowman’s initial statement that this was an accident, the videos show intentional movements with no suggestion of him frantically panicking.

His minuscule fine and the fact that he will not even have this on his record further expose the blatant weaponized legalism in America. This crime was committed with clear evidence and he is still able to finagle his way into only having to pay $1,000. For even a speeding ticket, fines are on average only $150, but car insurance rates following a simple speeding violation skyrocket to 26-43% more than your original rate. Speeding tickets also put ‘points on your license’ which means that you will lose your license. The fact that going a few miles per hour above the speed limit can cause much more lasting harm to a citizen than intentionally pulling a fire alarm in a government meeting is concerning.

This concept sets the standard of justice backward. Jamaal Bowman made $1.3 million last year, so a fine of $1000 is nothing to him. Normal people make significantly less than this per year but are objected to burdensome taxes, fees, tickets, and penalties for all kinds of ridiculous things. The laws are not supposed to protect people like Jamaal Bowman who has a high salary paid by American taxpayers’ money from being accountable for his actions. The blatant lies he told have been exposed now, and the ridiculous media and celebrities who believed his ridiculous excuse that he didn’t know how the door functions have been exposed for their propensity to stand up for this kind of garbage. Although it is good that he was forced to plead guilty, hopefully we will see Republicans press for more charges and more action against this crime to reflect the severity of punishments that average Americans are subjected to for much less relevant issues.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks. 

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