J6 Defendants SUE Capitol Police for MILLIONS!

The media’s J6 narrative continues to unravel; we have a bombshell hidden camera revelation from a deep state operative PLUS we’ve got dozens of J6 defendants suing the capitol police for millions! You are NOT going to want to miss this!

– A group of J6 defendants has filed a class action lawsuit against 21 Capitol Police officers alleging brutality.

– A hidden video revealed a CIA contractor confirming the presence of undercover FBI agents among the J6 crowd.

– Despite initial media narratives portraying J6 as an insurrection, polls now show that most people view it as a protest that got out of control.

Newsweek is reporting that a group of J6 defendants have filed a class action lawsuit against 21 Capitol Police officers and others for millions of dollars’ worth in damages. Nearly 80 defendants have filed the lawsuit alleging brutality on the part of Capitol Police officers. One of those defendants, Jake Lang, was arrested back in January of 2021, …he was 25 years old at the time, …he just celebrated his 28th birthday behind bars and has YET to even have a trial.

And he’s of course not alone. Lang has confirmed that two attorneys from J6Legal.cor have picked up his and other defendants’ lawsuit against Capitol Police and they will now be taking them to court, in the hopes of basically suing the hell out of them! ….Now, at the same time this is happening, we’ve got a bombshell hidden video revealed of a CIA contractor confirming that there were upwards of two dozen undercover FBI agents in the crowd on J6:

An undercover reporter from the organization Sound Investigations revealed this. The significance here is that this is the first time we have a three-letter agency bureaucrat admitting that there were undercover FBI agents on the ground on J6. THIS is what FBI Director Christopher Wray had to say when directly confronted on this question:

The legacy media, which is the very institution pushing the notion that J6 was the single greatest attack on our nation since 9/11, also knows this. We know that from undercover footage of what a New York Times reporter admitted.

Matthew Rosenberg, the national security correspondent for The New York Times, admitted that there are ‘tons of FBI informants among the people who attacked the Capitol.’ But that’s a far cry from the way the New York Times reported on January 6th. These headlines show the “official narrative”: ‘Jan. 6 Panel Seeks to Debunk Unfounded Theory About F.B.I. Role in Riot’ and ‘No, ..there’s no evidence that the FBI organized the Capitol riot.’

Now we’ve got a CIA contractor admitting that there were upwards of 20 FBI undercover agents inside the crowds on J6. The FBI director refused to answer a direct question as to whether there were undercover agents there. We have a New York Times reporter admitting on hidden camera that there were tons of FBI informants amidst the crowd. It seems as if the J6 narrative peddled by the Democrats and the legacy media is indeed unraveling. The latest polls show that most people believe that J6 was a protest that got out of control, not an actual insurrection.

The legacy media has failed in its attempt at convincing the majority of the nation that J6 was an insurrection. An increasing number of Americans believe that the FBI was actually behind the riot. The reason for this is rather obvious. Many people are today saying if they were told three years ago that the government purposely entrapped those J6 protestors, they would never have believed it. After years of a Russian collusion hoax, the claims that the Hunter Biden laptop is nothing more than Russian disinformation, and after covering up the Covid origins, people trust the government less than ever. We are seeing the Biden administration actively trying to interfere in the 2024 election by locking up Trump, so now people believe that they also planted the whole J6 event.

A senior editor from NPR who’s been with them for over two decades has come out admitting that the broadcast company is totally and completely far-left. They are as woke as woke gets, and they do not report news, they report narrative. That’s coming from the NPR senior editor. He laments it because he’s concluded that this is why no one believes NPR anymore. They have destroyed the trust they once had among a vast swath of the American people. That trust has been decimated because they’ve become propagators of this far-left, radically destructive ideology. The legacy media thought that the credibility they once had was still operative for them to push a J6 narrative that would persuade the masses. They were wrong, and perhaps this November, they’re going to find out just how wrong they are!

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