The colossal collapse of CNN continues! Just when you thought the ratings couldn’t get worse, their numbers have fallen even further, prompting many to ask: how long can this continue? We’re going to look at their latest ratings disaster, why it will inevitably continue, and make sure to stick with me to the very end when we’ll find out how a civil war on the left guarantees not just the demise of CNN, but the left as a whole as well!

-CNN may not be able to stay on the air!

-They have resorted to airing RANDOM OTHER SHOWS!

-The left has begun turning on their own as neo-liberals CLASH with neo-marxists!

The latest batch of TV ratings for cable and network news has come out and let’s just say for the fledgling enterprise known as CNN, the news simply couldn’t be worse. As we speak, CNN has just suffered its worst ratings week in nine years. The most distrusted name in fake news averaged just 444,000 viewers in prime time and 417,000 viewers in daytime programming. The ratings disaster was spread relatively evenly across the board. Our favorite Don Lemon continues his downward spiral, he of course was demoted to the fledgling morning show, which has been doing even worse since he came aboard, and Chris Wallace, the failure of Fox News, has continued in that failure over at CNN, raking in the worst ratings he’s ever had, barely scraping 40,000 viewers in the coveted 25 to 54 year old demographic.

It’s a disaster, there’s just really no way of putting this it’s an absolute abject disaster. CNN began the year with a loss of 90% of their audience in the course of a year, and many said, it really doesn’t get a whole lot worse than that. Well it turned out that they were wrong, the month of January continued the ratings slaughter for this once reputable news organization. Now many thought that the new CEO Chris Licht was going to be able to save CNN. He was quite vocal on how CNN needed to be rescued from its obvious left wing liberal shift, it’s radically anti-Trump bias, over the last few years, and yet, Licht has been the one personally choosing the hosts of the various lineups, daytime and evening, and these hosts continue to be insufferably left wing and liberal, and virulently anti-Trump and anti-MAGA. So if he thought he was going to be building any bridges with Fox News viewers or more center-right viewers, he’s sorely mistaken.

So Licht is not going to be rescuing CNN, that appears very very clear at this point and that’s of course because he’s effectively doing nothing to restore trust in the network. The thing with news organizations is that trust and reliability are foundational to their business model. If a news organization is no longer considered to be a reliable mediator of information, why would anyone avail themselves of it? The more CNN demonstrates itself to be nothing more than left wing propaganda, the more it surrenders its claim to objectivity and therefore its reliability as a mediator of accurate information. But something else appears to be contributing to CNN’s collapse, and this is something that I don’t think anyone at CNN or in the legacy media ever thought possible! It looks like we are seeing a very real split within the political left, a rift that ultimately promises to destroy leftism as a whole in our nation.

If you can believe it, one of the things that CNN is trying to do to boost their sagging ratings is bring Bill Maher shows, at least portions of his shows, onto their platform. CNN has announced that they’ll be hosting Bill Maher’s overtime, which is his post show YouTube segment. It’s obviously being seen as a very desperate move on CNN’s part, they can’t even come up with their own original programming at this point, that’s how utterly low they’ve fallen. But what was so fascinating to me was the number of responses from far left activists towards this programming move. Writers for the ultra-left New Republic tweeted out: “If someone peddles conspiracy or dehumanizes (or gives permission for others to dehumanize) groups of people, there’s no need to pay them to lead your network’s expansion.” MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan tweeted, “Bill Maher is obsessed with this idea that ‘cancel culture is out of control.’ Yet Maher himself just got a new CNN gig, despite saying outrageous things about Muslims, Arabs, and trans people; making crass jokes about Asians; & using the N-word on TV.” And the Young Turks host Chunk Yogurt tweeted out: ‘Bill Maher is actually perfect for CNN to be honest. False equivalencies, propping up right-wing culture war talking points, fighting for the status quo and that smug face. Tapper might get jealous because he might be out-smugged.’

What’s going on here is actually very simple; the left is beginning to unravel; it’s breaking up into opposing factions made up of the old left, the neoliberal Joe Biden left, the traditional left, and the new left, the radically cultural Marxist post-American left that basically sees the old left as indistinguishable from, as Chunk put it, the right wing! You might say that the new left is so radical that they’ve lost any nuance or perspective for discerning distinctions between Bill Maher and Steve Bannon, of which there are many! But this was inevitable, and that’s because the new left operates with what are called totalizing categories, and totalizing categories don’t allow for any possible legitimate dissent from their orthodoxies. You were either FOR identity politics or you’re racist, you’re either FOR women or you’re a misogynist, you’re either FOR LGBT rights or you’re all kinds of phobic. There is no possible basis for dissent. And so when you DO dissent, like Bill Maher does or Piers Morgan does or Jordan Peterson, you are automatically lumped in with all other heretics, most especially those of us on the right. This is the inevitable consequence of going woke, you end up excommunicating more and more people so that at the end of the day there are four times the amount of people excommunicated then belong to the select few. And unfortunately for CNN and other leftist legacy media outlets, they’re caught between these two warring factions. MSNBC has clearly moved in the direction of the far left, and it looks like CNN has made the decision to try to stay within the demographics of the older neoliberal rank and file. Either way the left is splitting apart, which means that CNN and the legacy media are beginning to unravel as well, meaning that the future for the left is already beginning to disintegrate right before our very eyes!