Is Sound of Freedom Being SABOTAGED?!

So is the Sound of Freedom, the amazing hit movie exposing international child trafficking getting intentionally sabotaged?! It would appear so. That kind of testimony that you just heard seems to be happening with some suspicious frequency across the country!

-Sound of Freedom is CRUSHING the box office

-Theaters and leftists are using shady and illegal tactics to sabotage the films success

-It doesn’t matter as MILLIONS have already been redpilled!

Even Newsweek is reporting on suspicious activity happening in theaters around the nation showing the film, here’s video of an actual, if you can believe it, theater evacuation:


Whats going on??? Anyone else experiencing this??? #soundoffreedommovie #emergencyevacuation #whatsgoingon #godschildrenarenotforsale #timballard @SOUND OF FREEDOM OFFICIAL @SOFFilm

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So there you have it; there appears little doubt that movie theaters across the country showing the Sound of Freedom have indeed become the setting for a series of peculiar occurrences, leaving moviegoers, shall we say, rather perplexed. Numerous reports have emerged of moviegoers experiencing bizarre disruptions, including ticket refunds, sudden fire alarms, malfunctioning air conditioning systems, and other unsettling incidents. Now, if you’ve been living under a rock these last two weeks and don’t know what we’re talking about here, the ‘Sound of Freedom’ tells the true story of Tim Ballard, a Homeland Security special agent on a mission to combat international child sex trafficking. I’ve seen it, I got to see it over the weekend with my wife, no issues reported on my end, and I have to tell you, it was amazing. it was an absolutely riveting film; I said this before in a previous video: it’s an excellent movie; apart from the amazing message.

I was just SO impressed, I was SO blown away by the top notch level of movie making; Jim Caviezel gives an excellent performance as Tim Ballard, the former government agent who plunges into the dark world of the international child trafficking ring. Now be warned: the movie, again, is extremely intense and does not shy away in the least from the disturbing nature of this horrific multi-billion-dollar industry! International child trafficking is the fastest growing illegal industry the human race has ever witnessed, and the movie does an amazing job of exposing this dark and seedy world precisely in order to raise awareness, and by raising awareness, bringing this wickedness to a final and decisive end!

And of course, one would expect this to be pre-political, right? We would expect support from both ends of the political spectrum for such a noble cause, and thankfully we’ve seen that. The leftwing singer Jewel is praising the film, telling her fans that they have to see it, it’s absolutely one of the most inspiring films she’s ever seen! Also Variety actually gave a very good review, they explicitly stated, while it’s being marketed to a conservative audience, you certainly don’t need to be a conservative to extremely impressed and moved by this film! Again, the message of the film is as pre-political as you could possibly get; there’s no excuse to try to recast the film as a bunch of rightwing propaganda! But that, unfortunately, is what the rotting, dying legacy media is doing! The legacy media, in an almost unison gargle, swiftly labeled the film as a right-wing extremist production, discouraging audiences from attending. The latest to join this Hall of Shame are the leftwing activists over at Forbes. They want to dissuade from seeing a film that’s nothing more than one big QAnon conspiracy theory. But it’s not working! All of these bizarre occurrences and legacy media slanders are only making the movie MORE popular!

The Sound of Freedom has once again soared to the number one box office spot, knocking off the horror phenom Insidious. The Sound of Freedom of course debuted as the number one film in the nation, officially beating out the likes of none other than Disney’s Indiana Jones in what Newsweek called an incredible box office coup! Well, the movie has once again surged to the position of top film in the country. Just to give you a sense of how things are going here; Insidious, which WAS the top grossing film, has earned upwards of $37 million dollars since its release, while “Sound of Freedom” has now officially reached upwards of $46 million dollars since its release back on July 4th just over a week ago! It’s an astonishing success story for sure, and its success means that Angel Studios, the distributor of “Sound of Freedom,” plans to expand its theatrical release to 300 additional theaters.

Keep in mind, Sound of Freedom is crushing the competition even though it’s being shown in only half the theaters that movies like Indiana Jones are showing in. Disney’s Indiana Jones is at every movie theater in the nation, and it’s showing often in several different theaters at the same time, so you can go to a showing pretty much every hour of the day! Sound of Freedom is only in a limited number of select theaters, showing in a single theater at a time, and yet, it’s crushing the whole of the competition! It’s really amazing; it’s a miracle, it’s a box-office coup as Newsweek would put it; and as more and more movie theaters open up to show it, it looks like it’s a coup that’s just getting started!

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