Is Fani Willis Going to Jail?

The woke activists over at MSNBC are admitting defeat. They are gnashing their teeth over the fact that the Georgia case against Trump is imploding right before their very eyes! And we’re going to see how they’re not alone; the legal pundits are indeed admitting that Fani Willis appears to have turned into her own worst enemy! You are NOT going to want to miss this!

– Willis and Wade are facing prosecution for lying about their affair and benefiting financially from prosecuting Trump.

– Willis’ testimony was disastrous and highlighted the corruption within the legal system.

– MSNBC acknowledged the likely departure of Willis and Wade because their affair alone is enough grounds for removal from the case.

Fani Willis, the obnoxiously corrupt Fulton County DA, who’s prosecuting President Trump on absurd racketeering charges, was herself the object of prosecution. Late last week, Willis along with her admitted lover Nathan Wade, whom Willis appointed as special prosecutor, both took the stand in their defense as the court tried to determine whether Willis and Wade lied about when their affair started and whether Willis had been financially benefiting from the prosecution.

The overall legal opinion was that the whole thing was an abject disaster for Willis and for the weaponized legalism that she participated in. She was deliberately trying to interfere in the 2024 election. It was so disastrous that Tennessee congressman Tim Burchett tweeted, ‘I feel like the person who let Fani Willis take the stand is the same person who told Joe Biden it was ok to give a press conference.’

Vivek Ramaswamy said it more soberly, yet beautifully, as he always does: ‘The Fani Willis testimony last week allowed ordinary Americans to see with their own eyes what they could have never imagined about our justice system. If these are the kinds of crap prosecutors attempting to take down a former U.S. President, imagine what the system can do to you.’ This is exactly what we all saw last Thursday and Friday: these are DAs and prosecutors who are not in the court system because of their merits or their virtues. They are there because the system is so radically rotten and corrupt. Here’s Kash Patel on the insanity of the Fulton County DA’s office:

MSNBC is recognizing the seemingly inevitable fact that Fani Willis and her boy toy are on their way out. The key here, as this MSNBC guest pointed out, is that those who are charging Willis with unethical behavior do not have to prove that she or Wade lied to the court about when the affair began or even prove that she financially benefited from the prosecution by paying Wade an inordinate sum of money and then the two of them went on all of these luxurious vacations together. They do not have to prove any actual wrongdoing for both Willis and Wade to be removed from the case. The very fact that they’ve been having an affair, which they’ve both admitted to, is enough. That admission alone constitutes grounds for removal or resignation.

The lesson in all of this is that corruption ultimately ends up destroying the corrupt! This is a key theological insight, particularly in the Christian tradition. The first victim of corruption is the corrupt one! The first victim of any kind of evil is the perpetrator himself. These corrupt, nefarious forces are trying to bring President Trump down, but their corruption is only going to ultimately bring them and the whole corrupt legal system down. This is exactly what we are seeing here. No matter what happens, even if Fani Willis stays on as DA and successfully prosecutes Trump, she has already lost. She has already been exposed to be the disreputable partisan hack that those of us who’ve been following this charade for the last several months recognized immediately! Now the whole world sees it, and she only has herself to blame!

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