Is China Planning an Attack on America?

Is the nation of China planning an attack on the United States? If the recent words of our FBI director are any indicator, the answer to that could be yes. We are going to see the latest Fox News report that’s sounding the alarm on a particular threat posed by China and why the Biden administration is so publicly concerned!

– FBI Director Christopher Wray warns of Chinese-government-linked hackers infiltrating critical US infrastructure, posing a severe cyber threat.

– Some speculate that the Biden administration’s emphasis on the China threat may serve as a distraction from domestic issues and provide political cover for actions like the TikTok ban.

– The changing global landscape, with the emergence of multiple powerful nations like Russia, China, India, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, demands that the US adapt to a new multi-polar world order.

Fox News had a very interesting and alarming piece out on Wednesday on the growing danger that the nation of China poses to the United States in the developing world of cyber security. A recent appearance by FBI Director Christopher Wray at Vanderbilt University’s “Summit on Modern Conflict and Emerging Threats,” turned a number of heads when Wray openly admitted that Chinese-government-linked hackers have “burrowed into critical U.S. infrastructure” and are waiting for “just the right moment to deal a devastating blow” to America.

At a recent security conference in Munich, the FBI director made it absolutely clear that the cyber threat posed by the Chinese government is serious. With our 3,300 utilities and sprawling web of 5.5 million miles of distribution lines, the United States is particularly vulnerable to cyber incursions. One of those groups is known as Volt Typhoon. They are a CCP hacking group which the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency notes are lurking in critical infrastructure across our country.

This cybersecurity breach would be part of China’s overall offensive against Taiwan were they to launch one. Cybersecurity experts are warning that if China militarily invades Taiwan, especially after that hundred billion dollarforeign aid monstrosity that congress just passed and Biden signed. This includes nearly $10 billion for Taiwan. If China invades, that invasion will include a massive cybersecurity attack on our vulnerable infrastructure to at least partly shut down our retaliation capabilities.

The FBI director is publicly warning about the danger that China poses to the United States, which could be a ploy by the Biden administration to distract us away from his domestic disasters by getting us to fixate on a foreign threat! Biden officials know that, generally speaking, the American people are completely souring on Biden. Biden’s poll numbers among the three key Democrat constituents. young voters, latinos, and blacks, are horrendous. They’re falling by the day. All the polls show that Biden is imploding on all the major issues such as the economy, inflation, the southern border, violent crime, and foreign policy.

His attempt at distracting us by getting his administration to start freaking us out over China may be a blatant attempt to get us looking at things other than the economy, inflation, and the southern border. Another reason why the Biden administration is sounding the alarm on China may involve the TikTok ban that he just signed, giving the Chinese company that owns the app nine months to sell it or it’ll be banned in the US. These threats coming from China being made public may be giving Biden the political cover he needs for signing that ban into law.

What the United States is going to have to face, at some point, is the harsh reality that we are simply no longer the lone superpower on the planet. With the rise of Russia, China, India, Turkey, and surging Saudi Arabia, the world is now thoroughly multi-polar, with multiple poles of power that are demanding an equal say in how the world is run. The United States is going to have to adjust itself to these new threats as well as the new international order that comes along with them!

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