Is Black America Finally Turning on Biden and the Democrats?

Black America seems to be turning on Biden! Joe Rogan made a bombshell prediction about 2024 as Biden’s poll numbers continue to implode below anything any incumbent in the history of our nation has suffered.

– Joe Rogan predicts a significant event for 2024, as he discusses in a recent podcast episode, suggesting a shift in the political landscape.

– Vivek Ramaswamy and others anticipate Democrats replacing Biden due to his visible decline.

– Biden and Democrats are losing support among black voters, especially those under 34, with dissatisfaction over Biden’s handling of immigration being a key factor.


Joe Rogan turned heads the other day when he made THIS prediction about 2024:

Rogan is hardly alone in this. Vivek Ramaswamy has been predicting for months now that the Democrats were going to switch Biden out for a substitute candidate at some point this summer. The simple reason for that is because Biden is collapsing right before our very eyes. On Tuesday, he couldn’t make it up the short stairs to Air Force One without stumbling. It’s really getting very hard to watch.

The latest polls on Biden’s age are devastating for any hope of reelection. A new poll conducted by ABC News just days after the recent disastrous train wreck of a press conference that Biden tried to give found that 86% of voters agreed that Biden is too old and senile to be reelected. That poll stunningly showed a 10-point surge in concerns over Biden’s cognitive condition since the NBC poll that came out just a week prior, which showed that 76% of voters were concerned about Biden’s cognitive decline. A 10-point surge in a single week marked by the Hur Report that documented Biden’s memory issues and an even more devastating press conference. To make matters even worse for Biden, we are seeing Trump begin to run away with it in the head-to-head polls.

The latest Harvard/Harris poll has Trump now leading Biden by a whopping 9 points. The latest Rasmussen poll has Trump up by 6. Things are running away from Biden. Trump announced that he was even going to start holding rallies in the deepest of blue cities like New York:

Newsom is probably the most popular name, next to Michelle Obama, that’s mentioned as a possible replacement for crumbling Joe. The problem is that Newsom in many respects polls worse than Biden! Newsom is not a very popular politician. He survived a recall, but the very fact that he was subject to a recall in the very blue state of California is suggestive of just how unpopular he is. There is really no good option for Biden. Obviously, Kamala is a disaster. Michelle Obama ironically doesn’t poll very well. In the end, despite what Rogan and Vivek are predicting, the sad reality is that Biden is the best that Democrats have got.

More polling is confirming that Biden and the Democrats are losing the black vote, especially Black voters under the age of 34. Currently, Biden is polling at just 60% among black voters under 34, with an astonishing 30% supporting Trump. This is a defection that is simply unprecedented in the modern polling era. This also explains why Trump appears to be absolutely running away with this. The question of course is why so many black voters are turning away from Biden and the Democrats. The answer, ironically, is that it is a backlash against Biden’s willful incompetence at the southern border. The latest Monmouth poll that just came out has Biden’s approval tanking in the low 20s when it comes to his handling of immigration, particularly on the southern border.

Stunningly, the poll shows that half of Democrats disapprove of Biden on immigration. Half of his own voters from his own party disapprove of Biden’s handling of the southern border. More Democrat representatives like Henry Cuellar of Texas are openly stating that Biden is actively losing lots of Democrats over this issue. As more illegal migrants get bussed to cities like New York and Chicago, more Democrat constituents are being bypassed by the government in terms of basic social services which are now being extended to illegal immigrants at their expense.

They are rebelling, and the Democrat mayors of these cities are seeing it! A civil war is breaking out inside the Democrat Party, and more otherwise faithful Democrat voters are walking away and siding with Trump who is promising to close the border just like he did in his first term. It looks like a combination of Biden’s cognitive decline along with his own failed border policies are ultimately forming a perfect storm for a Democrat wipeout in 2024!

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