Is Argentina Going HARD RIGHT?!

In the recent primary elections for the Presidency of Argentina, a “far right” anarcho capitalist outsider, Javier Milei, has shocked the world and come FIRST with over 30% of the vote! The establishment center right opposition came 2nd with 28% of the vote and the ruling center left coalition received just 27%.

Javier Milei has embraced media comparisons to Trump, happily accepted an endorsement from former “Trump of the Tropics” Jair Bolsonaro as well as Spain’s nationalist right wing Vox party, and is even known as “The Wig” for his eccentric hairstyle! Trumpian indeed. Milei seeks to abolish Argentina’s hyper inflated currency entirely, end their central bank, bring in the US dollar to help pay off their massive debts, and drain the proverbial swamp that has had the resource rich, well developed nation of Argentina, on the decline for decades. Much like right wing strongman Nayib Bukele in El Salvador, Milei is a huge bitcoin fan and seeks to bring more crypto investment to Argentina. Milei may be more libertarian minded than Bukele but right wing libertarians in South America haven’t been afraid to crack some eggs in the past!

Milei not only seeks to bring the country out of its corrupt economic malaise, but seeks to revamp its countries territorial claims from a diplomatic perspective. Argentina still claims sovereignty over the Falkland Islands off their coast in the Atlantic despite their failed annexation attempt from the occupying British forces who proved their willingness to defend their claim by force in the 1882 Falklands War. Argentina suffered thousands of casualties but has maintained their claim. Milei seeks a Hong Kong-esque solution to the conflict with the Falklands maintaining some autonomy as it transitions into Argentine territory.

Milei is not just a political dissident with an interesting hairstyle. He was a singer in the band Everest, well known across Argentina for their covers of Rolling Stone songs, purported tantric sex teacher, staunch Catholic who seeks to end abortion and reject marxist LGBT ideology, and enjoys a strong celebrity following due to his energetic social media posts, revolutionary rallies, and populist image. Do I need to keep pointing out the Trump comparisons? The final rounds of elections are coming in October and with a runoff likely, we will see Argentina’s political fate decided in November of this year. Is a right wing resurgence on the horizon in the southernmost part of the America’s? It really seems so.

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at TurleyTalks.

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