Iranian President KILLED!

A national day of mourning in Iran has taken place as news erupts that their president, Ebrahim Raisi, is dead. At the same time, the International Criminal Court has just issued an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

– Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi reportedly died in a helicopter crash in East Azerbaijan Province, with no survivors found.

-Iran has been a key ally to Russia in the Ukraine conflict, providing drones, ammunition, and military support.

– The Biden administration’s differing stances on the ICC warrants for Putin and Netanyahu showcase political double standards.

In news that shocked the rising geopolitical order, Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi has been reportedly killed in a helicopter crash. The helicopter that carried the president as well as several other officials, including the Iranian foreign minister, went missing in the mountains in the East Azerbaijan Province last night Search and rescue crews were immediately dispatched, but found no survivors.

Given the tensions between Iran and Israel right now, in the wake of the mutual and rather tame, choreographed but very significant exchange of missiles between the two countries, Israeli officials had to issue a public denial of having anything to do with the crash. At this point, it appears that Iranian officials are blaming the incident on inclement weather. Others are not so sure.

Raisi’s death follows on the heels of the assassination attempt against Slovakia’s prime minister Robert Fico, who was shot at close range last week by an assailant. By God’s grace, he survived that attack and is reportedly in stable condition. Now Fico’s attacker is being reported as having extreme pro-Ukrainian sentiments, whereas Fico has been a major critic of NATO’s policy towards Russia. He campaigned on that and won. Most Slovakians are more sympathetic to Russia’s side of the conflict. Fico also voted to halt military aid to Ukraine. He is steadfastly opposed to Ukrainian membership in NATO.

While we have no information, thus far, suggesting anything other than inclement weather was involved in the crash that killed President Raisi, it is important to note that Iran has been a steadfast ally with Russia in the Ukrainian conflict and beyond. As NATO serves as the primary supplier of weapons and arms to Ukraine, so now Iran has been supplying Russia. Iranian-manufactured Kamikaze drones, known as Shahid 136, have been deployed by Russia inside Ukraine, overwhelming Ukrainian air defenses and causing significant damage to civilian infrastructure.

Moreover, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, the primary branch of the Iranian Armed Forces, has deployed military advisors and soldiers in Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine. Iran has also provided Russia with ammunition, artillery shells, ballistic missiles, and body armor, significantly bolstering Russia’s fighting capabilities. This growing cooperation between Moscow and Tehran could potentially lead to the formation of a full-blown Russian-Iranian military alliance that would have significant implications for the region and the world.

In both the conflict in Israel between Israeli forces and Hamas and the conflict in Ukraine, Iran is involved. Iran is a major player in the emerging geopolitics defining global order today. The International Criminal Court has issued arrest warrants for both Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity over the October 7 attacks on Israel and the subsequent war in Gaza and the humanitarian disaster that followed.

These arrest warrants follow on the heels of the ICC issuing an arrest warrant several months ago for President Vladimir Putin and his alleged war crimes. The irony, however, is that the very same Biden administration that was fully supportive of the ICC’s warrant against Putin, and even promised to enforce it if given the chance, has conveniently changed its tune when it comes to Netanyahu. Now the State Department is saying that the ICC doesn’t have that kind of jurisdiction.

That kind of blatant hypocrisy we’re seeing from the Biden administration is indicative of what’s going on here. The ICC was formed back in 2002 when the global political order was defined by a unipolar world, meaning a world order governed by a single superpower. In this case, the United States; after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, was the only great power on the planet. The Soviet Union was dismembered, having lost a third of its territory overnight.

China was still rising in the 90s and was thought to be economically primed to eventually go liberal. As such, the United States was able to set the rules for the game of international order. We wrote the rules, governed the organizations and institutions such as the WTO and the IMF, and we helped establish the International Criminal Court. That world order lasted for about three decades. But now, that world where the United States existed as the sole superpower on the planet setting up all the institutions by which all the other nations had to be a part is dead.

Those institutions don’t have anywhere near the authority and legitimacy they once had. So many of those powers that were dormant in the 1990s have since risen as great political powers. We are seeing it in the rise of China, India, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. What scholars have noticed is that this new civilizational rise is increasingly replacing that unipolar world with what’s called a multi-polar world, a world with several great political and economic powers that are challenging the United States’ hegemony over the globe.

Iran’s new place as a major player on the global stage with the utterly laughable pathetic and meaningless arrest warrants coming out of the ICC both suggest that the multipolar world is indeed here. The days of unipolarity are over. A new global political order is rising, and it is rightly understanding and navigating that order that will be key in the years ahead!

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