Impeachment Inquiry FINALLY Launched!

McCarthy finally buckled! An impeachment inquiry has been formally filed against the most corrupt president in our history.

– McCarthy was pressured by FL Rep. Matt Gaetz to file the impeachment inquiry.

– This inquiry was influenced by Merrick Garland’s clear corruption.

– The inquiry grants more abilities to those investigating the Biden family for their crimes.

The impeachment inquiry did not come easily. Florida Representative Matt Gaetz basically had to threaten McCarthy that he was going to hold him out of compliance and take away his speakership:

McCarthy is under enormous pressure to deliver on what he promised last January. Here’s how Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman responded to the inquiry:

That’s the one and only Fetterman on a lifelong journey looking for his brain, as are the millions of Pennsylvanians who actually voted for him! The irony in all of this is that it was Merrick Garland’s obvious and blatant attempt at covering up Joe’s crimes that forced this impeachment inquiry. Legal scholars such as my namesake Jonathan Turley have been openly calling for the House to launch a full-fledged impeachment inquiry, and it is ironically because of the blatant cover-ups that the Justice Department has been engaged in. The preferential, sweetheart treatment that Hunter has been getting from Merrick Garland’s Justice Department has led to an impeachment inquiry into Joe!

Impeachment inquiries give the House extraordinary investigative powers that can overcome the obstacles, the stonewalling, and the roadblocks that Merrick Garland’s corrupt Justice Department has been putting up and surrounding both Joe and Hunter with. The latest was the ridiculous and overtly corrupt appointment of David Weiss as a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden, even though Weiss is the prosecutor who gave Hunter the sweetheart special plea deal designed specifically to cover up Joe Biden’s criminality. As you would expect, the appointment was a public relations disaster. A recent ABC poll found that only 32 percent of voters expressed a semblance of trust in the integrity and independence of the investigation.

With the investigative impediments created by the Weiss appointment and by Garland’s refusal to expressly extend the special counsel’s mandate to the allegations of Biden family influence-peddling, Jonathan Turley and others argued that there was little choice but to commence with an impeachment inquiry. That’s the only way the House can have the authority to figure out what is going on with the Biden crime family.

What makes all of this so complicated is that it involves not just the Biden crime family, but also compromised agencies in DC that actively attempted to cover up for the Biden crime family. This includes the IRS whistleblowers who came out and revealed corruption from within the IRS as well as the Justice Department and the FBI. We now know that in May of 2015, Morgan Stanley reported to the SEC about suspicious transactions involving an investment firm linked to Hunter Biden.

In November of 2016, the vice president of Morgan Stanley filed a whistleblower complaint flagging “suspicious” transactions and “fraudulent” schemes regarding the firm. In October of 2018, Hunter Biden lied on a form stating that he was not addicted to drugs when he purchased a revolver in a Delaware gun shop. He was investigated but no charges were brought. Then in the fall of 2018, you had a former federal prosecutor contact the US attorney in New York with Hunter Biden Burisma information. In November 2018, the IRS found payments from Hunter Biden to hookers. Then in December of 2019, the FBI got his laptop that triggered his tax investigation, which the whistleblowers testified was thwarted by the Justice Department and the FBI.

In June 2020, we got the revelation of an FBI-generated FD-1023 form. 1023s are a form special agents fill out to record raw data from confidential human sources. The form claims that the co-founder and CEO of Burisma were coerced into paying Biden and his son Hunter $5 million each to shut down a Ukrainian investigation into his company. Joe Biden admitted to this at the Council of Foreign Relations. He refused to give Ukraine a billion dollars in aid until they fired the special prosecutor named Viktor Shokin who was investigating the corrupt energy company that Biden’s son Hunter sat on the board of.

What we are seeing here is not simply a Biden crime family, we are dealing with a corrupt system that worked together with that crime family to cover up the crimes. We all know why the legacy media is doing everything they can to push back against this impeachment inquiry. There is so much here, not just with the Bidens, but with the whole of the corrupt swamp, that we could be seeing the biggest scandal ever to rock DC.

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