-HUGE Court wins recently

-Gun rights are a LOSING ISSUE for the left!

-There are more 2nd Amendment sanctuaries than EVER BEFORE!

We’ve got some HUGE news coming out of the state of New York! Once again a transformed conservative court system is stepping up and protecting second amendment rights! We’re going to see the latest decision that has officially struck down so-called red flag laws, we’re going to see how that decision will doom such laws throughout the nation, and we’ll find out exactly what all of this means for the future of woke gun-grabbing liberals!

A New York State Supreme Court judge has struck down the state’s draconian gun confiscation law as blatantly unconstitutional. ERPO, which stands for Extreme Risk Protection Orders, was the latest attempt by New York liberals at enacting so-called red flag laws. Red flag laws allow the government to seize firearms from a person they believe poses a threat to themselves or others even though they haven’t committed any crime! Since the law took effect back in 2019, there have been nearly 2 thousand gun removal orders. It’s a radically draconian law that is being used by woke leftists to incrementally disarm the population throughout blue states that have a large gun control contingency in their state legislatures! Not all blue states are like that, however. Delaware and Vermont are solid blue states but also very, very pro-gun rights! And that’s why this is a HUGE loser for the woke left! The gun enthusiast culture extends way beyond red states or conservative counties; it’s actually a very, very diverse community, but regardless; this judge in New York has officially struck down this red flag law as blatantly unconstitutional.

State Supreme Court justice Thomas Moran ruled that the ERPO law violated the second amendment as well as the 14th amendment, the latter because it doesn’t “sufficiently protect a citizen’s rights,” the 14th amendment expressly forbids any State from making or enforcing any law which abridges their rights as citizens of the United States. Now this ruling comes on the heels of the Supreme Court’s earlier ruling known as the Bruen Decision, which also involved the state of New York, when it tried to require gun owners to show quote “proper cause” to get a license to carry a concealed handgun outside the home..Now keep in mind, the 2nd amendment clearly states that American citizens have the right to BEAR arms. We have a constitutional right to carry guns, but the Democrat monopoly in New York didn’t think so. So SCOTUS stepped in and struck down the law as blatantly unconstitutional. In a 6 to 3 ruling, the Court found that New York’s restrictions on obtaining a concealed carry license were unconstitutionally restrictive. The court agrees that according to the 2nd Amendment, the only human being on the planet that should decide what the proper cause is for carrying a concealed weapon is the person carrying it! The person bearing it! That’s what ‘shall not be infringed’ means! And this judge in New York, in this latest decision, cited the Bruen case several times!

So the Supreme Court set the clear standard that a person’s right to bear arms shall not be infringed, and now we’re seeing state supreme court justices enforcing that precedent! In other words, your constitutional rights are not subordinate to the weaponization of fear and harm and safety! If your neighbor is concerned about his safety around you, that concern does not trump your constitutional rights! IF there’s a concern about you owning a weapon, that concern has to be subject to due process. Concerns about what someone MIGHT do, do not TRUMP that person’s constitutional rights! It seems so patently obvious but when you’re dealing with hardcore libs who hate the constitution, then this is when you need a conservative judiciary to defend those rights, and largely thanks to Donald J. Trump we have that! President Trump appointed more federal judges in his first term than any president in 40 years. Of course, Trump appointed a record number of supreme court justices, three, in his all too short four years; he appointed 30 percent of US appellate judges!

What’s happening in the Supreme Court and state supreme courts is nothing less than a renaissance in gun rights over the last several years! One of the most amazing developments over the last decade is the rise of what came to be known as second amendment sanctuaries. Since their inception during the Obama era, the vast majority of all US counties have officially been designated second amendment sanctuaries. As of today, there are now 1,930 counties protected by 2ndamendment sanctuary legislation at either the state or county level which represents 61 percent of the 3,141 counties in the nation. Nearly 2 thousand of the just over 3 thousand counties are now officially 2nd amendment sanctuaries! In addition, countless sheriffs across the nation have pledged to uphold the second amendment, including every single sheriffin the state of Utah! And this massive embrace and protection of the Second Amendment goes beyond even that: we also have a number of constitutional carry laws being enacted as well! Constitutional carry involves laws that expressly state a citizen’s right to literally bear arms, there’s no permit required to possess a concealed handgun. In other words, the FBI background checks when buying a gun are enough; if you can purchase a gun, you can carry a gun, period! Recently the state of Georgia became the 25th state in the union to pass constitutional carry. That officially makes half the states solidly pro-second amendment in its original constitutional form! So there’s no question, the woke leftist attempt at confiscating firearms is, shall we say, backfiring big time! And with these latest rulings from both the federal and state supreme courts, that backfire isn’t going away any time soon!