How the Movement is DESTROYING Cancel Culture!

In the past few weeks the conservative media sphere has been ALIGHT with discussion around the phrase “Christ is King” as well as a more general conversation about how many gatekeepers in the conservative media sphere appear to have a problem with this phrase entirely. This of course was prompted by the recent firing of Candace Owens from the DailyWire over what has now been revealed to be accusations of “antisemitism” and a disdain for her use of the phrase “Christ is King”.

Now of course Christ IS King and this Orthodox writer wishes all western Christians a happy Easter celebration, but it appears that Jeremy Boreing, Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, and other movers and shakers at the Daily Wire (which is the largest publisher on all of Meta) have a different take on the matter. Thankfully this story is not a sordid story of another successful cancellation, but rather evidence of the THRIVING independence of truth speaking voices even when censored by “right wing” media bosses. Candace’s tweets after her firing about being finally free say a lot:

Candace has moved to Locals and her own platform and is already hitting the ground running with much harder hitting commentary than she was previously allowed to cover. This is quite a coincidental alignment as YouTube has recently totally shut down our appeals for re-monetization and seem committed to censoring pro-Trump voices in the lead up to November 2024. Remember that for a while Candace Owens was the ONLY pro-Trump voice on the Daily Wire as Desantis’ ill fated campaign attempted to dethrone 45.

Much like Candace Owens, however, we have emerged stronger in the midst of cancellation attempts. We are just days away from some huge announcements on our end that will get all of you access to more content than ever uncensored and without the algorithmic funny business of Alphabet’s YouTube! Be sure to get on Dr. Steve’s email list to catch the news right when we annonce it!

We are supporting Candace in her new endeavors and the broader parallel media economy emerging as a counter to all of this cancellation across the political spectrum! We look forward to sharing our big news soon!

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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