How The Dems Are Planning To TAKE OUT Trump!

We know the Democrat’s plan to take out President Trump for the November election. Legal pundits are sounding the alarm on the Democrats’ devious scheme. They are also overwhelmingly opposing certifying a Trump victory in November. We are going to see the latest on the radically anti-democratic turn by the supposed saviors of Democracy!

– Jack Smith plans on continuing to politically persecute Trump.

– He announced that he plans to continue to pursue legal action against Trump even in the days leading up to the election.

– They also have announced that the left will refuse to certify the election if Trump wins.

We now know precisely how the Democrats plan on trying to take out Trump for the November election. Jonathan Turley is sounding the alarm on what he’s calling the ‘Nightmare Scenario’ that the Democrats have planned. It appears to go back to last October, when Judge Chutkan, the ultra-radical leftwing judge in the J6 case against President Trump declared, ‘This trial will not yield to the election cycle’, an ominous statement that foreshadowed how the trial schedule would interfere in the upcoming presidential election.

Special Counsel Jack Smith confirmed that he was not going to abide by what is known as the 60-day rule, which is a longstanding policy by the Justice Department of not bringing charges or holding trials of candidates within 60 days of an election. With the Supreme Court expected to release its ruling on Trump’s immunity defense in June, Turley is noting that this is setting up a nightmare scenario wherein Trump could be in court, on trial, on the days leading up to and including November’s election day. The Democrats appear to be hell-bent on having Trump go through a trial during the actual election.

Chutkan and Smith and the Democrats are saying that no one is above the law and Trump isn’t going to get any special treatment. But nothing they’ve done thus far suggests that they are merely disinterested parties to this affair. Everything they have been doing suggests deliberate and dogmatic election interference. Both Jack Smith and Judge Chutkan insisted on starting Trump’s J6 trial on March 4th, which was the day before Super Tuesday, the biggest day in the election primaries. It was an extraordinarily rushed date that was political and partisan.

Jack Smith, in an act of total desperation, decided to file a motion directly to the Supreme Court to get them to rule on Trump’s immunity claim, thus bypassing the lengthy appellate process. He did everything he could to try to convince the Supreme Court that they needed to rule on this right away. Smith demanded that the Supreme Court make this ruling during the current court session. He never explained why it was so important for the Court to make such an expedited ruling. But of course, we all knew why. He needed them to decide before the election because Jack Smith had been tasked by the Biden Justice Department to blatantly interfere in that election.

There’s nothing that either Judge Chutkan or Jack Smith have been doing that suggests anything other than partisanship. It looks like the Democrats are setting up a scenario where they are going to try to convict Trump right around the election. Their plan even includes what to do if Trump is elected in November. The left is hoping to get a conviction sometime in October and November, and then they are going to use that conviction as an excuse to oppose certifying Trump if he wins the general election.

They have the vast majority of Democrat voters on their side supporting their efforts to keep Trump from office even if he wins the election! According to the latest survey from Rasmussen, 57 Democratic respondents would support their representatives refusing to certify the election results if Trump wins. That appears to be the plan after all. They will convict Trump in October or November, and then use that conviction as a pretext for refusing to certify the election results. The good news is that Rasmussen found that overall, only 35% of voters would support such a move, so the Democrats’ efforts would be counter to a supermajority of voters.

What we are seeing here is a rabid, obsessed effort among Democrats to do anything they possibly can to keep Trump from taking office again. So far, all the lawfare tactics they have been employing have only served to benefit Trump. Trump’s polls keep going up with every attempt by the Democrats to weaponize the legal system, and it’s hard to imagine a scenario where that pattern suddenly reverses itself. It looks like we now know definitively how the Democrats are going to try to steal another election, and it’s our job to make sure it doesn’t happen!

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