High School Students Stand Up for the American Flag!

We recently saw a MAGA high schooler defy school officials by refusing to take down the American flag from his truck. In response to these school officials trying to ban the American flag, we have seen many other patriots support him, and it’s encouraging and epic to see patriots standing together!

– Cameron Blasek, a senior at East Central High School in Indiana, was asked to remove an American flag from his truck by school officials.

– Blasek refused, and his classmates rallied in support by displaying flags on their vehicles.

– School officials backed down, and a graphic design company offered to redesign Blasek’s truck for free.

17-year-old Cameron Blasek, a senior at East Central High School in Indiana, was informed by school officials that he needed to take down the American Flag he flew from his truck. He refused, and when his classmates heard about it, they all rallied in support of Cameron and the flag. Countless students began displaying the flag on their vehicles as well in a huge rally of support.

The school officials backed down, and a graphic design company in Cincinnati called GCI Digital Imaging got word of what Cameron did and they offered to redesign Cameron’s truck for free. Here we see Cameron’s brand new American flag truck and it is gorgeous:

This is Cameron’s truck which he is now driving to school every day. This is the beauty of what happens when patriots stand together. When we have each other’s back, there’s nothing leftists can ultimately do to stop the rise of faith, family, and freedom. The school had no right to ask a student to not fly an American flag, and so Cameron’s classmates and this patriotic graphic design company stood by what was clearly right!

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