Has Trump Already Won?!

The president of El Salvador Nayib Bukele dropped truth bombs in his recent interview with Tucker about how the weaponized legalism is backfiring on the left! More pundits are admitting that the lawfare has officially backfired on bumblin’ Biden and the Democrats

– Polls show Trump leading Biden nationally: Decision Desk (41-39), Real Clear Politics (46-45), and Project 538 (41-39).

– In swing states, Trump leads in North Carolina (up 7), Nevada (up 6), Georgia (up 5), Arizona (up 5), and Pennsylvania (up 2).

– Leftist pundit Mark Halperin suggested that Trump has already won 2024 due to focusing on Biden’s age and senility.

The legacy media hacks who are unanimously declaring Trump a convicted felon are the very same people who refuse to utter the words ‘illegal alien.’ After one week of framing Trump as a convicted felon, the dust from the fallout of the verdict has fully cleared and we are now in a position to survey the political damage.

Decision Desk, national polling average, shows that across the board Donald Trump leads Joe Biden 41 to 39. The Real Clear Politics’ national polling average shows that Donald Trump leads Joe Biden, 46 to 45. In a five-way, Trump pulls ahead by 6, 44 to 38. Project 538 national polling average shows that across the board, Donald Trump leads Biden 41 to 39. Swing state polling averages show that in North Carolina, Trump is up 7, in Nevada he is up 6, in Georgia and Arizona Trump is up 5, and in Pennsylvania Trump is up 2.

Polymarkets, which are the betting-odds on who’s going to win 2024, has Trump up over Biden by 19: the biggest lead he has ever had! We now have the latest Fox Poll, which is historically notoriously bad for Trump. It is now the second poll in a row that shows a tie between Biden and Trump in the blue state of Virginia, a state Biden won by 10 points back in 2020. It represents a 13-point swing over to Trump.

Since the verdict, Trump has raised nearly a half a billion dollars. The dust from the verdict fallout has cleared and more pundits are now admitting that not only has this weaponized lawfare not hurt Donald Trump, it is all now backfiring on Biden and the Dems.

The TIPP poll that surveyed voters in the days immediately following the verdict found that Trump had gained a point in the court of public opinion. Trump’s support actually went up! The New York Times has had to admit that based on an extensive survey of voters, the verdict did not move the needle one way or the other.

Leftist pundit Mark Halperin basically admitted that Trump has already won 2024. Halperin is arguing that Trump has already won because the Trump campaign has successfully made Biden’s age and senility the number one issue. Biden’s age and senility are his Achilles Heel, and that’s ultimately what’s going to sink him!

We are seeing horrific scenes from Biden in Normandy yesterday to mark D-Day. Biden obviously didn’t know where he was and he didn’t know what he was doing, and it looks like he pooped his pants in public. Biden’s cognitive decline is obviously painfully getting worse. This week we had a bombshell report from a major legacy media outlet. The Wall Street Journal exposed even more troubling concerns about Biden behind closed doors that threatens to implode his already fledgling campaign.

According to the report, his public brain breaks and confusion are even worse behind the scenes. Aids and lawmakers, speaking anonymously, have confirmed that they are deeply concerned that Biden’s cognitive decline is now getting frankly dangerous, which blows apart the White House claim that somehow Biden is different behind the scenes than he is in public.

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