Haiti COLLAPSING! Bukele to the RESCUE?

In Haiti, society is on the brink of complete collapse. As armed gangs increasingly assert control, half of the nation’s 11 million people are reportedly in need of humanitarian assistance. With the government in total disarray, once again, the Biden administration has been forced to order the evacuation of American personnel from yet another falling capital. So what is happening in Haiti?

– Haiti has faced a series of devastating natural disasters, including earthquakes and hurricanes, over the past 14 years, which have contributed to the country’s humanitarian crisis.

– Prime Minister Ariel Henri has been unable to hold democratic elections, further exacerbating popular discontent and leading to increased calls for change.

– El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele has offered assistance to Haiti, drawing on his success in combating gangs and restoring law and order in his own country.

To understand what’s happening in Haiti, we have to go back 14 years, to the beginning of what would be three massive consecutive natural disasters. The first was the devastating 2010 earthquake that utterly ravaged the island. Hundreds of thousands were killed and the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, was reduced to ruins. Then, six years later, another natural disaster struck. Hurricane Matthew, one of the fiercest storms in a decade, demolished the island with winds hitting over 100 miles per hour, further spiraling the nation into a humanitarian crisis.

Another cataclysmic earthquake in 2021 left thousands dead and hundreds of thousands homeless in its wake. It was during this time that several armed gangs rose to fill the power vacuums left by Haiti’s crumbling governmental infrastructure. The most prominent gang leader to emerge was a man named Jimmie Barbecue Cherizier, a former policeman who became the leader of the G9, an alliance of 9 of the fiercest gangs in all of Haiti. Cherizier styles himself as a liberator who has come to rescue Haitians from an inept and corrupt Haitian leadership.

The key to the rise of this gang rule is the power vacuum that has been left by Haiti’s leadership. Prime Minister Ariel Henri has been the de facto leader ever since the assassination of their previous prime minister. Since his assassination, these gangs have turned into warlords. To make matters even worse, the current de facto prime minister has yet to hold a democratic election, and so the popular discontent is reaching a fevered pitch, where the Haitian people are increasingly clamoring for a liberator in the midst of all of this inept government corruption.

Just days ago, Cherizier orchestrated a massive jailbreak where armed gangs from the G9 stormed the two largest prisons in Haiti, facilitating the escape of nearly 4,000 prisoners as a supposed symbol of the gang’s liberation of the island. Cherizier is now calling for the resignation of Haiti’s de facto prime minister Ariel Henry who has been out of the country trying to forge together an international security force that could help him get his country back from the gangs. The conditions are now such that he can’t return, and Haiti is without a functioning government. Cherizier, more popularly known as ‘Barbecue,’ is now considered the most powerful man in Haiti. But someone else is rising to possibly fill the power vacuum who has had an astonishingly successful record in taking on gangs and criminal activity!

El Salvador’s amazingly successful and popular president Nayib Bukele is offering to lend a hand in fixing the chaos that has spiraled across Haiti. Bukele, who has successfully crushed gangs and drug lords in his own country, offered to do the same in Haiti. He made it clear that he would need a United Nations Security Council resolution and the consent of Haitian officials.

Bukele rounded upwards of 70,000+ gang members in El Salvador and threw them into what’s being called a super-prison. He restored law and order back to the streets and neighborhoods of El Salvador, and his presidency has been so popular that he was just reelected with 85% of the vote. Whether or not Bukele can come to the rescue in all of this, what is clear is just how out of touch our American elite are with what’s happening in the world today.

We have photos of liberals like Bill Maher, Susan Sarandon, and Conan O’Brian wearing t-shirts that say ‘Haiti is great already.’ They did this in response to when President Trump reportedly questioned why the United States would want to have immigrants from Haiti and African nations, and in the process, he supposedly referred to some of these nations as “shitholes,” which was again supposedly leaked by unnamed, anonymous sources. Trump instead wanted to institute a merit-based system of immigration that would bring the nation to a whole new level get the best and brightest from around the world and contribute to making America a nation completely and totally without equal.

These Hollywood stars took issue with that, and in protest, declared that Haiti was already great. They seemed to think that Haiti was even better than America. Our liberal elite are watching the world burn. The world is burning because the world these liberals think they’re in does not exist. Their leftwing ideology renders them devoid of being in touch with reality. The reality is that more of the world is going through a process of reterritorialization, where populations are rejecting colonial powers that are seen to be repressive of the will and interests of the people.

In the process, we are seeing what in many respects can be called an epidemic of coups around the world. Whether or not these warlords are earnest is irrelevant. Their anti-colonialist message resonates with the people. They want their nation back from the oppressive antics of Hollywood and DC alike. The world that is rising today is increasingly reterritorialized and it has taken Biden and his Hollywood ilk completely by surprise!

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