Greta Thunberg ABANDONS Green Energy!!!

Yep, that’s none other than the petulant teen Greta Thunberg being carried away from her latest protest; look at those vultures in the legacy media; their patron saint is being persecuted! Saint Greta save us! Wait until you find out what she’s protesting now, it exposes her for what she really is!

-Greta has abandoned greene energy!

-At this point everyone knows she is a media/banking plant!

-Identity politics and leftism are eating their own!

This is a masterclass on precisely why the worldwide left is imploding as we speak!

Greta Thunberg is in the news again, she was briefly detained by Norwegian police during a demonstration in Oslo; what was she protesting against you ask? If you can believe it, she was actually protesting wind farms! Now, you probably know that wind farms are basically the heart of green energy, and we were always led to believe that Greta is not merely a climate activist, Greta is actually the patron saint of green energy! So how on earth can the patron saint of all things green be protesting against wind farms you ask? Well, she’s taken up a new cause, she’s now an advocate for the Sami people, an indigenous people group in Norway.

As it turns out, the Norwegian Supreme Court, about a year ago, ruled against the use of wind turbines in the Fosen region of Western Norway where Sami families practice their culture of reindeer husbandry. However, the Norwegian government has yet to enforce that ruling, so Greta and her human rights cohort are protesting the continued operation of wind farms on this indigenous peoples’ land! Now, if your cynicism radar happens to suspect that this is nothing more than an attention seeking stunt on the part of Greta, you’re not alone; one of the reasons why you saw those vultures in the media surrounding her is precisely because she’s the creation of the media! We did a video exposing that years ago! Greta Thunberg is the intentional deliberate creation of the worldwide legacy media; she’s a literal fabrication!

The Daily Caller originally broke the story back in November of 2019, when members of the global media gathered at Columbia University’s School of Journalism to collaborate on how they would cover the so-called climate crisis leading up to that year’s United Nations climate conference. According to the Daily Caller over 250 news outlets and journalists partnered with Columbia University’s School of Journalism to intentionally shape and control the narrative for what they considered to be a global climate crisis. And as the Daily Caller notes this coordinated activism intentionally fabricated a hero, a megastar, a saint to carry their message of climate alarmism to the masses and that of course was none other than this 16-year-old Swedish climate activist named Greta Thunberg. You see, the whole purpose of lionizing Greta was to galvanize American support for the radical policies being advocated by environmental activists which of course means that we’re not looking at news, we’re staring straight into the face of blatant leftwing propaganda. And it all climaxed with Greta getting Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. However, Greta appears to be the victim of her own success; the world has indeed changed dramatically since her infamous ‘how dare you’ speech at the UN climate conference in 2019.

The problem for the Greta cult of course is that Europe has largely adopted what Saint Greta has been advocating these last couple of years. In fact, much of the world took Greta’s advice, particularly Sri Lanka and the European Union. They turned their backs on fossil fuels, manufactured fertilizers, and the like and now, of course, their worlds are falling apart! Europe as we speak is going through a cost of living crisis the likes of which hasn’t been seen in decades! So now, starving for that attention she’s apparently become addicted to, but also recognizing that green energy ain’t as popular as it used to be given the cost-of-living crisis, Greta’s now protesting, if you can believe it, she’s now protesting the very green energy that she originally advocated! Gang, you can’t make this stuff up! Well, maybe you can; certainly the media has been doing precisely that with Saint Greta! But seriously, she’s taken up a new cause, the cause of indigenous peoples rights, and that cause of indigenous peoples rights has pitted Greta against the very environmental and green energy endeavors that she herself publicly demanded!

Now to me, this is so key to understanding why the worldwide left is imploding, it’s precisely because the left, modern work leftists, entail the recipe for their own defeat. They are, in fact, what scholars call a performative contradiction; the left is inescapably self-defeating, and that self-negation is destroying them, as it has to! It inevitably causes them to war against themselves and Greta is showing us how!

The key to understanding why the left is imploding is understanding the nature of what we commonly refer to as ‘identity politics.’ Scholars do indeed include environmentalism as part of identity politics, as part of the group to which one self-consciously belongs! The key to understanding identity politics is how they divide up Western society into two fundamental identities; two fundamental groups of people: a victimizer group and a victim group; an oppressor group and an oppressed group! The oppressor group is assumed to be monolithic, so, in our case, that oppressor group is made up of white male Christians. The oppressed group is a coalition of minority identities who together ultimately create a majority, a majority of minorities as it were, whose ultimate goal is to overthrow the majority in terms of who has ultimate political power! And the key here is that what binds these various identities together into a single political coalition is their supposed victimhood; they’re all victims of some kind of political and social oppression! So you have this appearance of unity that lasts for a time, especially when the cameras of the fawning legacy media is all around you!

But what’s the longterm problem with all of this? The problem is that, as it turns out, each of these identities actually have competing political interests! We saw this most explicitly of late in Dearborn, Michigan. This was the scene some weeks back at a local school board meeting, Dearborn happens to be the most densely Muslim populated area in the United States, and when these parents got word of books involving explicit LGBT content being given to their kids, this was the result:

Now, keep in mind, this was happening in one of the bluest of the blue districts in the nation. Dearborn votes 70 percent Democrat! And this district, that votes 70 percent Democrat, is rising up and pushing back against one of the other major constituencies of the Democratic Party, and that of course, in this case, is the LGBT community! And this is exactly what’s happening with Greta! Greta found a new cause, indigenous peoples advocacy, and that new cause is now pitting her against her old cause, green energy! This is the inherent contradiction at the heart of woke identity politics: identity politics assembles a coalition of the aggrieved together who inevitably act on competing political interests; and so identity politics ultimately dies of its inherent polarization and balkanization! So thank you Greta for this masterclass in the futility of woke leftism; we’ve learned a lot, now, you can really just go away!