Governor DeSelfish Campaigns While Florida City Slips Beneath The Waterline

As historic rainfall continues to pound Fort Lauderdale, officials have described the storm as being “unprecedented” in its severity. Residents of the city have also struggled to keep themselves and their valuables out of the rising floodwaters.

While Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has since declared a state of emergency due to the inclement conditions, the events that led to vehicles floating in the street, homes and businesses being destroyed, and causing a local airport to shut downinitially left Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis in confusion regarding the Florida Governor’s severely delayed attention. Trantalis remarked in a press conference on Wednesday that “Governor DeSantis has not yet called” and that he was “not sure what’s going on,” while flash floods persisted against the city for a considerable period of time.

Rather than serve as a figure of reassurance in a difficult time for many Floridians, Governor DeSantis opted to make a pit stop in West Chester, Ohio, to continue to promote his new book. While it might seem more acceptable for a presidential candidate to shirk the responsibilities of their current office to campaign for a national position, DeSantis maintains that he is simply touring crucial electoral swing states to debut literature.

In a display of neglect during widespread destruction, one can’t help but wonder how DeSantis would handle significantly worse crises on a nationwide or even global scale as president. Would the presidential hopeful opt for another self-promoting excursion? Would he flounder for days rather than act with swift and bold leadership? In the 2024 presidential election, American voters will certainly have to ask themselves these questions when deciding whom to ask their vote for.

While Governor DeSantis’ capacity to handle disasters remains unclear, President Donald Trump has consistently exhibited resoluteness in the face of disasters during his time in office. In the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, and Dorian, President Trump demonstrated rapid response and involvement to assist those suffering. Despite his departure from public office, Trump continued to prioritize the wellness of the American people. In fact, the face of the America First movement even beat President Joe Biden to the scene of East Palestine, Ohio. While the city was in panic following a train derailment and chemical spill, citizens were granted a moment of levity when Trump delivered food, water, and encouragement to the people impacted by the accident.

So while accolades and attention seem to be the only priorities of Governor DeSantis, President Trump appears to be much more focused on his commitment to his fellow Americans.

Preston Parra is a Contributor for Turley Talks.

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