GOP Establishment Endorses Pathetic Candidate as Trump SURGES!

The GOP donor establishment has gotten desperate. Not only have they abandoned Ron DeSantis in their attempt to defeat Trump for the nomination, now they’re backing what Vivek called Dick Cheney in three inch heels in an attempt to resurrect an old political alignment that no longer exists.

– Nikki Haley, endorsed by the Charles Koch network, receives significant financial backing for her Republican presidential nomination campaign.

– Media criticism grows over President Biden’s perceived frailty and age, with a Wall Street Journal poll indicating 73% of voters believe he is too old for the presidency.

– Nikki Haley does not stand a chance against Trump, who commands significant support from the working class in key battleground states.

Nikki Haley, who wants to police your speech on social media and send billions of your tax dollars to Ukraine for the foreseeable future has been officially endorsed by the king of the Republican donor class, the Charles Koch network. Koch is promising to pump tens of millions of dollars into Nikki Haley’s campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, even though she remains in most polls in the single digits.

This is the first time that the Koch network has actually backed a candidate during the Republican primaries. The Koch’s have been viscerally anti-Trump since 2016, and obviously 2024 is no different. The irony in all of this is that even the ultra-woke mainstream media can recognize what is really happening here. The GOP establishment is freaking out because Trump is running away with this.

USA Today shared this headline: ‘Earth to Democrats: Biden presidency is a dumpster fire. How many warning signs do you need?’ He is clearly extremely old and frail, and many are wondering which PR person thought it was a good idea to have Joe Biden pose with 80 burning candles on his birthday cake.

A Wall Street Journal Poll that found that 73% of voters believe Biden is too old to be president. All the polls show that this is one of the major reasons why the majority of voters are not going to be voting for him! Out of the last 12 national polls, Trump is beating Biden in 10 of them. Trump now leads Biden by 2.2 points in the polling aggregate.

This is why the GOP establishment is getting so desperate. This is why the Koch family is panicking. The Republican donor class led by the Koch’s and the Murdoch’s are every bit as opposed to Trump as is Nancy Pelosi. When it comes to Trump, there is virtually no difference between Republican donors and Chuck Schumer or AOC. There is no difference between these Republican donors and Rachel Maddow.

Byron York of the Washington Examiner has a very good piece out on this called ‘The GOP Race and the Donor Class.’ He retweeted the piece after the announcement that the Koch’s were going to be giving funding to Nikki Haley. York summarized his article by tweeting, “GOP donor class and voters are not aligned. Strikingly not aligned.” There is a massive rift between the GOP establishment that is bought and paid for by a donor class, made up of the likes of Koch and Murdoch.

The Bush coalition is dead. Nikki Haley doesn’t stand a chance. The only GOP candidate that can demonstrably crush Biden, Newsom, Kamala, or even Michele Obama is the one who commands the support and loyalty of the working class voter. This election, as Rich Baris constantly reminds us, comes down to battleground states like Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. These states have an inordinately high working class population.

The candidate who captures the majority of that working class captures those states. Right now, all the battleground polls show that it is Trump in a blowout who is supported by the working class and swing state voters. Trump crushed Biden in 5 of the 6 battleground states. Biden has seemingly already conceded Georgia. The GOP donor class in backing Nikki Haley are demonstrating their radical political ignorance. Their latest anti-Trump antics will only make Trump stronger, and the fledgling anti-Trump wing of the Republican Party all the weaker!

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