Global Liberalism is OVER!!!

Dr. Steve discusses Erdogan’s tight victory and the total collapse of liberalism and the liberal world order with Turley Talks Staff Writer Conrad Franz!

-With Erdogan’s victory and Assad’s endurance it is clear. Liberal unipolarity is over!

-The modern world is fundamentally liberal. Even in its leftism.

-Archeofuturism is rising and there is NOTHING globalists and secularists can do to stop it!

Conrad: We saw Erdogan pull out victory in a tight race against the big coalition of more secular liberal parties to try to take him down in Turkey, which is a huge, you know, one of the biggest “democracies in the world” as they say. Then we’ve also seen Assad welcomed back into the Arab League, and more and more countries in the Middle East are getting close with Iran. Generally, this is all a very different world from you the time when America went into the Iraq War. And then 2011 In the Arab spring, when we tried to overthrow Assad and all the things we’ve been doing in Iran in general, in Europe, the Middle East, it’s all been reshaping away from the globalist vision. There’s the classic meme: “Assad must go! Who must go?” And the person who says that ends up out of power. Not Assad. So I’m wondering, is the Unipolar Moment, where America can use the information war to manufacture consent, over?

Dr. Steve: Yeah, I really think so. I think you nailed that. I think you’re exactly right. Now some may not know what we’re referring to but you’re basically talking about something that John Bolton admitted openly several months back in terms of how the United States State Department, along with George Soros’ NGOs, basically engineer what are called Color Revolutions. And it’s very sinister. Because if you think it through, it’s under the veneer of democracy right? Under the veneer of democracy, these revolutions, these astroturfed paid for revolutions, often, if not always, seek to deliberately circumvent the will of the people in that particular population. In other words, these revolutions really have nothing to do with democracy and everything to do with orchestrating geopolitical power in accordance with the wishes of permanent Washington and the State Department. And we know, of course, this is what happened back in 2014, with the Maidan revolution in Kiev that overthrew a duly elected, but happened to be pro Russian, Ukrainian president back then a fella by the name of Yanukovitch from power. And we know that from actually leaked conversations, it was a bugged phone call thanks to, of all institutions, the BBC, and they’re publishing the transcript between then assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who’s still around. But that was during the Obama era. And the neocons the Boltonite neocons, the crystal neocons, they don’t care who’s in power just as long as they are. They don’t care which party is in power just as long as they’re pulling the levers. But we know that she and the US Ambassador to Ukraine helped orchestrate that color revolution. So I think you’re right, I think there’s clear frustration that all their efforts in Turkey against Erdogan, and you and I were talking behind the scenes on this a few weeks back, we really thought Erdogan might get picked off on this one. Our friends over the Duran actually devoted a video on that a few weeks back before the first round of elections where they were very concerned Erdogan was not going to survive this. We have to keep in mind he even survived a coup attempt, if you remember back in 2016. But he did it, he pulled it off. Their efforts in the Middle East to keep Saudi Arabia and Iran apart, fanning the sectarian tensions between Shiites and Sunnis, are collapsing. Their efforts in Russia, of course, have been totally thwarted. Their efforts in Ukraine are being frustrated. I did a video on this, even the Ugandan president was under enormous pressure not to sign that anti LGBT bill into law. I mean, the Ugandan legislature was pressured, the President was pressured, we’re seeing Kenya getting that same pressure, and we’re hearing the same thing. They’re basically taking these warnings from the State Department and telling them to shove it. They don’t give a flip anymore. The dolts in DC are finding that their ability to orchestrate the geopolitical balance in their favor behind the scenes is being radically hampered. And that’s because, and you’ve talked and written extensively about this, there’s a new parallel civilization rising. I mean, when all is said and done, there is a new world order that’s rising. It’s very rich, it’s got a lot of money and it’s got the single most powerful manufacturing base on the planet behind it. We have to remember that 70% of the nations around the world have China as their number one trading partner. How do you compete with Saudi Arabia, Russian oil, and all the OPEC nations in oil production? China’s the number one manufacturing power in the world, Russia is the number one commodities exporting nation in the world. You put those two together and other nations simply aren’t intimidated anymore by the dolts in DC. So I think I think you’re absolutely right. I think they just don’t have the power that they used to, to pull strings behind the scenes because it was always based on a combo of military might and money when all is said and done. And now there are other players in the world that are just as strong, just as powerful, that have just as much money and we can’t compete with that anymore. So what I loved about Trump is his America First agenda. He’s basically saying we need to learn to get along with Putin, we need to take on China monetarily in terms of trade, not in terms of military. He’s just going solely on terms of bilateral trade agreements with China that they had been taking advantage of so much by circumventing. He was basically saying we need to reimagine America’s role in this new multipolar world and what is that role? We’re going to be energy independent and economically independent. We’re going to dislodge and decouple ourselves from all of these globalist, liberal,multilateral institutions, and we’re going to start rethinking America First in relation to other countries pursuing their own nationalist concerns first. That’s where we’re gonna have to, we’re gonna have to wait until another America First president comes into power before we see that kind of thinking, because clearly neither party really cares about this at this point.

Conrad: I think in a way it’s really crucial that the war in Ukraine has unfolded how it has and thankfully in a lot of ways, for better or for worse, conservative media has generally taken the correct stance because it will allow more people when Trump or someone else America First is back in office they won’t fall for the trappings that mainstream Republicans always trot out about being isolated on the world stage. They bring out all of the more fiscal side of the globalist system and how it’s not going to benefit us. You brought up Uganda, I was on Twitter telling Ted Cruz: HANDS OFF UGANDA Ted!

Dr. Steve: I mean, who needs Democrats? But that’s what I mean. They’re all liberals in the end, and that’s what’s dying. That’s what we’re seeing getting buried here is the liberal world order. Now, Cruz is more of a conservative version of liberalism, Biden is a more leftist version but when all is said and done, they’re liberals. He really even said it. He talked about…what did say in his tweet…the Enlightened nations, the civilized nations of the world need to get together and push back against this and you’re just kind of like…that’s 18th century enlightenment BS that’s all that is. And the rest of the world just not impressed by that stuff anymore.

Conrad: It’s so silly. Even the 18th century enlightenment people would be like: you’re using our talking points to defend what?!

Dr. Steve: That’s the irony! That’s what liberalism does. This is why I think, in many ways, conservatives are always such curmudgeons, and are always so negative, always being so doom and gloom because the modern world is inherently progressive and liberal. But the good news is we’re entering into a postmodern era where modernity’s confidence that we’re moving to a brave new world, throwing away all of our traditions and customs that we don’t need anymore because they’re so ignorant knuckle dragging, has dried up! We’re moving and going back, ironically. Postmodernism means going PRE modern, or more specifically, Archeo-future. We’re going to hold on to all of the technological advances but we’re going to bring tradition alongside or at least temper the technology in relation to tradition.

Conrad: A new future. Because we can’t superimpose Catholic integralism or Russian Tsarism or any other traditionalist form of government onto America. It has to be organic and come out of our people and our fight.

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