Dr. Steve reporting here, and if you’re a patriot who loves faith, family, and freedom, you’re not going to believe the amazing news coming out of Europe, it’s going to make your day!

-Meloni is the single most POPULAR leader in Europe!

-Right wing nationalism is taking off!

-She WENT OFF on weak Macron!

They warned us about her; oh did they warn us! Did the legacy media terrify their dwindling readers with the ominous prospects of the rising up of the young woman who would be Italy’s first FEMALE prime minister? No! No, no no, they didn’t care about that; no, this woman would be Italy’s first post-fascist prime minister! That’s right, a woman who represents a party whose roots go back to Italy’s fascist past, THAT’s the one we were warned about! Forget the fact that she’s the first female prime-minister of Italy, that only matters when the candidate is a liberal progressive, silly! So who is this evil dark force to enter into European politics? Well, it’s the one and only Giorgia Meloni. Back in September, the nationalist populist coalition of the Brothers of Italy, Lega, and Forza Italia won majorities in both Chambers of the Italian parliament. Without question, the star of the election was of course the conservative firebrand Giorgia Meloni:

The gist of what she said is that she stands for everything the Bullies in Brussels, the globalists are against, and they’re trying to erase our identity, our roots, so that we can just become cogs in their consumerist and manipulated world! And she said ‘I am Giorgia. I am a woman. I am a mother. I am Italian. I am Christian. You will not take that from me.’ Well, my friends, I am ecstatic to report to you that THAT very same legacy media that did everything they could to warn us about this nationalist populist, is today eating crow, as they’re having to report that Giorgia Meloni is now officially the single most popular leader in the whole of the European Union! Giorgia Meloni has a 52 percent approval rating among Italians, which is HUGE for Italian politics; or European politics for that matter! Remember European politics in general but Italian politics in particular is multi-party politics, and so for one leader, of one party, one party among many, in this case The Brothers of Italy, to garner that level of support is very, very impressive. It suggests nothing short of a very real paradigm shift going on in Italian politics, where their politics is moving way to the right, the nationalist populist and traditionalist right that we’ve been following and tracking with for the last six years or so, most particularly beginning with the rise of Matteo Salvini and The Lega Party. They had THEIR first breakthrough election in 2018 and came to power along with the populist left Five Star party in their coalition government, that was to a certain extent brokered by Steve Bannon. But that coalition government collapsed back in 2019 when Salvini pulled out and tried to force new elections, but Five Star turned around and formed a leftist coalition government with the Social Democrats. Obviously, that government fell apart, and made way for a new right, a right that was even more conservative than Lega, to emerge with Giorgia Meloni at the helm!

And their rise to power has been absolutely stunning! The Brothers of Italy, Fra-telli d’Italia. They take their name from the first line of the Italian national anthem, and their motto is God, Family, Country! They are as of today the single most patriotic party, the single most nationalist populist party to assume power in the whole of Western Europe, and when combined with the other two nationalist right coalition parties: Lega and the more center-right Forza Italia, they are without question THE most patriotic coalition in the whole of the entire European continent, and, as it turns out: the most popular! And what’s driving that popularity? Well, I think you can guess…

The immigration issue is perhaps the single most important issue animating Italian politics, and Giorgia Meloni is all about Italy First; maintaining the national sovereignty of their borders. In the process, she’s gotten into a very heated war of words with French President Emmanuel Macron who she accuses of economically exploiting Africa in such a way that encourages mass migration into Europe:

Again, she’s basically saying that France still exercises enormous political and economic influence over a number of African nations, 14 she mentioned, and that influence involves depositing a lot of African money in French coffers, which makes it increasingly hard for Africans to make a living in Africa. That then encourages them to leave Africa and try to start a more prosperous life in Europe! And so, the answer is for European nations like France to stop exploiting African nations, let them live, which will in turn encourage them to live where they are and stop the massive immigration! And for rhetoric like that, she’s the single most popular leader in the whole of the European continent! So it shows you where the majority of European sentiments lie. They lie precisely in the politics, the new politics of the 21st century, which are the politics of identity, nationalism, populism, and traditionalism! And with leaders like Giorgia Meloni, those new politics are going to triumph faster than we could have ever imagined!