George Soros’ Plan EXPOSED!

For many around the world, George Soros is a special kind of evil: All over the globe, the name George Soros is treated with disgust and derision; Soros, after all, made his fortune by breaking the Bank of England, and he didn’t stop there! Many others blame Soros for crashing the south-east economy through the same ruthless currency speculation. Soros is rightly considered a very sordid character around the globe. But WHAT precisely does George Soros believe, and what is he trying to do around the world? Well THAT is what we’re, together, going to find out!

-Soros has directly written about the destruction of traditional society in favor of the “Open Society”

-His influence directly led to NATO expansion

-The Soros’ world is CRUMBLING, however!

Back in 1993, the billionaire financier George Soros self-published a paper where he outlined his vision for a “New World Order” originally envisioned by George Herbert Walker Bush:

For Soros, the New World Order was faltering because it was failing to effectively integrate Russia and its former satellites in Eastern Europe into the liberal West, posing a risk to the so-called rules based international order. Soros early on recognized that the world order after the Soviet Union was breaking up, returning to nation, culture, custom, and tradition. Soros pointed to the dangers of this encroaching nationalism by citing the war in the Balkans; Soros believed that the tribalist conflicts in the former Yugoslavia could end up engulfing the world. The solution for Soros was the promotion and triumph of what he called “open societies,” a concept originally proposed and popularized by Karl Popper in his classic work The Open Society and Its Enemies. According to Popper, open societies are rational societies, rooted in science and reason, whereas closed societies are inherently irrational, rooted in tradition and tribalism. Open societies guarantee and protect rational exchange centered on the individual, whereas closed societies force people to submit to authorities and age-old traditions, religious, political or economic. Soros believed that the triumph of liberal open societies throughout the world represented a truly new world order that transcends both the Cold War era as well as the growing nationalist trends!

However, for Soros, there was a two-fold problem to realizing such a world: on the one hand, Soros did not want the United States to become the world’s policeman; Soros saw the United States’ sole superpower status as a threat to international peace and prosperity. However, on the other hand, the United Nations was too powerless and ineffectual to provide a counterbalance or global alternative to the United States. Was there an institution that could coopted and redirected in such a way as to usher in the Open Society world order that Soros became obsessed with? As it turns out, there was!

For Soros, the solution to this dilemma for an emerging new world order was none other than NATO, but not NATO as it was, a new NATO, a reformed or, better, coopted NATO! For Soros, quote: ‘[NATO is] the only institution of collective security that has not failed, because it has not been tried. NATO has the potential of serving as the basis of a new world order in that part of the world which is most in need of order and stability. But it can do so only if its mission is redefined.’ Now that part of the world which is most in need of order and stability was precisely the post-Soviet world! Soros recognized that Russia had no intention of allowing NATO to expand eastward, brushing up against its borders, but Soros ascribed that to nothing more than the ‘wounded pride’ of a once but no longer great power!

While Soros did not rule out the potential for an alliance between Russia and the West, he insisted that Russia must adopt a liberal, Western model of society and governance. And the principle institution that would promote and indeed impose such a liberal model of society and governance, as a new NATO; a NATO that was no longer an anti-Soviet alliance, but now the chief propagator and defender of Western liberal values throughout the globe! Soros was in fact not averse to using military force, if necessary, to compel post-Soviet states to adopt liberal principles. To put the matter succinctly: as far as NATO spread its influence, liberal values and open societies would inevitably follow! Soros’ influence over the liberal world order simply can’t be exaggerated. Between 1990 and today, NATO went from 17 member-nations to 30, nearly doubling in the span of 30 years . But not without significant warning. A number of academics, such as John Mearshimer of the University of Chicago and George F. Kennan of Harvard, even Henry Kissinger, recognized that brazen NATO eastward expansion was denounced and opposed by every single head of Russia and that such eastward expansion would inevitably lead to open conflict with the Russian Federation.

Now while it would certainly be a stretch to blame Soros for the current conflict in Ukraine, his worldview certainly contributed to the conditions that have made such a conflict inevitable. Moreover, while most would agree that Soros’s defining intellectual principle is cosmopolitan internationalism, the notion that the world should constitute a single global community that transcends nationalisms, tribalisms, and sovereign states 12 many fail to recognize that one of, if not THE, most galvanizing factor for this is the role that apocalyptic environmentalism plays in Soros’ worldview. Soros sees the planet as basically expiring, and only by galvanizing the world’s populations into a fully cooperative global community can we hope to overcome this ecological challenge! And this is where Soros’ worldview takes a rather sinister turn: .if, according to him, what’s at stake is the very survival of our planet, then populations simply cannot be allowed to choose the wrong leaders to represent them! If they do, Soros galvanizes his web of billion-dollar NGOs that in turn actively interfere into the politics of sovereign nations across the planet,precisely to overturn and undo the democratically expressed will of voters!

Soros, when all is said and done, can claim he’s a democrat until he’s blue in the face, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s doing everything he possibly can to orchestrate world events irrespective of voter will and intention! In the end, because of his environmental apocalypticism, all his rhetoric about open societies and democracy and human rights is all for naught! The only legitimate governments are governments that go along with Soros’ vision for the planet and the world order that he believes will preserve it! No other form of government, no matter how democratically expressed, will do! Unfortunately for Soros, the world is moving in a very different direction! A New world order is indeed rising, but not the one that Soros had in mind! Increasingly it’s a world marked by an extraordinary return to nation, culture, custom, tradition, civilization! The liberal vision of Soros is being rejected increasingly by more and more populations, who are rising up, fighting back, and restoring their national and civilizational sovereignty. For now, Soros will have to be content as a billionaire siting in his penthouse, watching the world pass him by!

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