Full Stadium BOOS Black National Anthem!

Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans players meet on the field during a moment of unity before an NFL football game Thursday, Sept. 10, 2020, in Kansas City, Mo. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

The woke NFL is pushing the ‘black national anthem,’ and football fans are furious. There is a real backlash against wokeness happening throughout the nation.

– The NFL played the notoriously woke “black national anthem” before one of the weekend games.

– Critics argue that having a “black national anthem” is divisive, and they question its necessity.

– The reception to the American national anthem at the Super Bowl shows support for civic nationalism among many citizens.

The song Lift Every Voice and Sing is a song that was adopted by the NAACP back in 1917 and has since become a musical icon of black identity and political struggle. The song caused controversy at the last Super Bowl because it was sung right before the national anthem. Its proximity to the national anthem is concerning for many who believe that it’s putting forward a highly divisive message. Here’s what fans of the Kansas City Chiefs were greeted with before the game:

This is how the audience reacted:

By contrast, here’s how that very same audience reacted to the national anthem:

The woke left, of course, frothed at the mouth over the ‘horrific racism’ of the Kansas City fans. The good news is that far more recognized the divisive implications of the two national anthems. One person tweeted, ‘Why would we EVER need a “black national anthem” unless you WANT to cause racial division?!’ Another person wrote, ‘The NFL televising and focusing on “Lift Every Voice and Sing” instead of the national anthem shows where this country is heading towards: Woke culture overtaking American values. Is it too offensive for us to sing the Star Spangled Banner now?’ Someone else commented, ‘A BRIDGE TO FAR: The NFL has replaced the United States National Anthem with a black national anthem. I might as well Budlite them too.’

More scholars are recognizing that the most powerful ideology in the world today is nationalism. As globalism begins to wane, populations all over the planet are increasingly returning to their own cultures, customs, and traditions and reasserting their national sovereignty. The key to understanding what’s happening with this black national anthem is that this nationalist turn has two distinct outworkings. There isn’t just one kind of nationalism, there are two. Populations are embracing either civic nationalism or ethnic nationalism.

Civic nationalist movements are all seeking to restore their respective national sovereignties by reaffirming border security, economic nationalism to protect the jobs of our citizens, and reaffirmation of our nation’s culture, customs, and traditions that unite us as one multi-ethnic people. Ethno-nationalists are characterized by a turn toward a more homogenous racial and cultural makeup, where populations are increasingly balkanizing as they turn towards their own ethnic identity and loyalties based on kin and race as the basis for a postmodern social order.

Sometimes these two nationalisms overlap, but here in the States, civic nationalism is represented more by the MAGA movement and Trump’s America First Agenda. Ethno-nationalist allegiances are represented more by Black Lives Matter’s vision for our nation. This is why people like Bill Maher, who are self-professed liberals, are making the argument that the woke left is more akin to the KKK than anything else. Both movements see race and racial homogeneity as absolutely paramount.

The modern left today is turning into an ethno-nationalist movement, the logical outworking of which is, unfortunately, the eventual balkanization of our nation. The only way we can effectively fight back against this is through championing civic nationalism. This is the basis for a truly multi-ethnic post-modern society, rooted in common civic, cultural, and religious traditions that bind us together as a single nation. If that reception you just heard to the American national anthem is any indicator, we know which side the vast majority of our citizens are already on!

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