From Happily Ever After to Financial Disaster: Disney’s Woke Nightmare

Things just keep getting worse for Disney. They thought they could intimidate Ron DeSantis and the Republican supermajority in Florida by threatening to leave the state, but the Republican supermajority in Florida is telling Disney: don’t let the door hit you on the way out. This company stands alongside Bud Light as one of the most incompetent and moronic corporations on the planet. It is now being reported that things are so bad for Disney that they have been forced to implement a third round of mass layoffs. This happened in the face of all the threats that Disney was making just days ago about leaving Florida because their governor is so “terrible and bad.”

This is their third round of layoffs in months! In an attempt to cut approximately six billion dollars from their budget, they have just announced the elimination of 2,500 additional jobs. These layoffs extend across various divisions within the company, indicating that no specific area is exempt from the cost-cutting measures. The company as a whole is suffering! It goes back a few months ago to when Disney market shares dropped to their lowest value in nearly a decade. That’s when the disaster of CEO Bob Chapek announced the first round of mass layoffs.

We knew it was bad because they weren’t just laying off, they were instituting a hiring freeze. They were limiting employee travel as well! It was a bit of a corporate bloodbath. Texas Representative Lance Goodman summarized the damage at the time well, saying, ‘Disney’s stock is down 40%, mass layoffs, hiring freeze, and limits on employee travel. Who would have thought a woke Mickey Mouse wouldn’t be a hit?’ Things have only gotten worse for Disney ever since, and that’s because Disney clearly hasn’t learned its lesson!

It thinks it can exploit the wokeness of the legacy media to its advantage, which it tried to do by launching an attack on the state, claiming that its billion investment plans and job creation in Florida were thwarted due to Ron DeSantis. Of course, this desperate narrative got picked up by the liberal lapdogs in the legacy media, but it went nowhere. Floridians and Republicans don’t care what Disney thinks or wants. This is the problem with going woke. Just ask Bud Light how many of its formerly loyal customers are coming to their defense.

The Bud Light Dylan Mulvaney fiasco proved that no company is above the woke backlash. No company is too big to sustain the mass revulsion that accompanies these ridiculous diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that are turning everything they touch into dung. So many are seeing these desperate attacks on DeSantis by Disney as nothing more than a pathetic attempt to shift responsibility for the business’ implosion. Anyone can see that Disney’s ‘misfortunes’ began long before DeSantis got involved.

The fact is that Disney’s share prices plummeted by almost 50% over the past two years. A number of its recent films failed to achieve profitability. Their streaming service Disney+ has been a disaster. It’s lost about $4 billion because they can’t come up with good programming. Their acquisition of the Star Wars franchise has been a disaster. Their stand-alone film “Solo” became the first Star Wars feature to lose money. There are even rumors that Disney is contemplating selling the Star Wars brand, which would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. None of this has anything to do with Ron DeSantis. On top of all of this mismanagement, they decided to go full-woke. Disney is getting exactly what it deserves. If going woke means going broke, Disney, along with Bud Light, is the poster boy for this fundamental law of the universe. Until they learn their lesson, things are just going to continue to get worse.

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