Former Pfizer VP says Vax is a BIOWEAPON as WHO Ends Covid Emergency!!!

The WHO has announced the end of the COVID emergency declaration beginning May 11th. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization, has issued a statement that the global health emergency of Covid is over, but that Covid is ‘here to stay and is still a global health threat.’ On Friday, the WHO announced that the threat of COVID has decreased within the past year and that hospitals are less overwhelmed as cases and mortalities have gone down. They posted this “Breaking” news to their social media platforms on May 5th.

This emergency declaration has been lifted after being in effect for over 3 years. Many news organizations have interpreted this announcement as virtually inconsequential. They would be correct, but not for the reasons suggested. Liberal media argues that the COVID emergency declaration may be over due to the slowed spread over the past year, but that masks and vaccinations are still essential, and individuals and groups should still follow COVID health precautions.

However, the news that the pandemic is over does not come as a shock to many people because people have continued living their lives and do not trust the corrupt health officials’ statements anymore. Many people have experienced the heartbreaking effects of the pandemic and the way that leaders handled it. In many cases, people lost their jobs, their businesses, and their livelihoods. People are less trusting of the government and health officials than ever before.

As people are losing confidence in health officials and the government, mental health illness is increasing among Americans. Feelings of high psychological distress have increased exponentially among Americans over the pandemic, with young adults being particularly highly affected. By February 2021, a reported 22% of small businesses had completely closed due to the pandemic.

A lot of Americans believe that the government has overreached into the people’s lives and livelihoods. The pandemic was a gateway for a lot of people to see the corruption of the elite government officials and big pharma. Studies show that millions of Americans are switching their party since 2020 to Republican at a significantly higher rate than Republicans are switching to the Democrat party.

Countless Americans are fed up with the agenda of liberal leaders spearheaded by President Biden’s incompetent leadership. The mismanaging of the pandemic is a serious concern that Americans affected by skyrocketing mental health challenges or small business closures will not soon forget.

As the 3-year-long covid emergency declaration is finally ending according to the WHO, videos are circulating of the former VP at Pfizer scientist Dr. Michael Yeadon who claimed that the vaccines are bioweapons designed to kill people.

He accused the other scientists and global leaders of conspiracy because the countries globally all implemented similar devastating lockdowns on their people. He describes how countless countries did not follow their national policies in place for handling a pandemic. He describes how he is not afraid to point out these things because there is enough evidence to incriminate the people he is exposing, so he believes they will never sue him.

Dr. Yeadon has been making these claims for a long time throughout the pandemic and claims that the people he is in opposition to are not going to sue him so their only options are to censor him. As the truth about Covid continues to come out, more leftists are likely to turn against the establishment officials and the elites than ever before! As the cause of the mental health crisis and small businesses being eviscerated is further exposed as the health officials and the government elites, more people are sure to become populist patriots than ever! We are already seeing this trend swing favorably for conservatives. The more corruption is exposed, the more people will turn against the establishment elites!

Erin Casey is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks. 

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