Finland Goes RIGHT as Nationalism SWEEPS Europe!!!

We have a political earthquake coming out of Scandinavia! Another nation in Europe turns to the nationalist populist right and it’s sending shock waves throughout the European Union! We’re going to see the latest election returns, we’re going to see how this turn to the right is happening throughout Scandinavia, and we’re going to see why the Bullies in Brussels are panicking that this patriot uprising is happening throughout the continent as well!

-Finland has REJECTED the globalist left!

-Continental Europe is experiencing electoral uprisings ALL OVER!

-This is really only the beginning of the end for the bullies in Brussels!

The nation of Finland held their parliamentary elections nationwide yesterday, and with virtually all votes counted (amazing they can do that, isn’t it? All votes counted within hours of the polls closing! Who knew?) but with virtually all votes counted, it’s been announced that Finland’s nationalist populist right has soundly crushed the ruling leftist party!The center-right block known as the National Coalition Party came in first, winning 48 seats with 20.6 percent of the vote. But the REAL stars of the night were the so-called far-right, the radical right, the extreme patriot right party known as the Finns Party, they’ll always be the True Finns to me, that’s what they were originally called, the True Finns, but now they’re just the Finns Party. They are the bona fide patriot party of Finland, they came in second winning 46 seats with just over 20 percent of the vote! The ruling party, the Social Democrats, came in a very disappointing third, at just over 19 percent! And as a result, the rising rock star of the International Left, their prime minister Sanna Marin, has officially been ousted, she is one and done, she has lost reelection!

So Finland has taken a decisive turn to the nationalist populist right, there will be a nationalist right coalition, FINALLY! This has been a long time in the making for Finland! In many respects, this is a much anticipated comeback for the Finns Party; they were formed back in the 1970s as a populist party representing the interests of small-scale farmers. But the True Finns, as they were originally called, eventually grew in their support and got just over four percent of the vote in their 2007 national election, and they actually grew to an astonishing 19 percent of the vote just a few years later in 2011, making them the second or third largest party in Finland. And so, as a result of this undeniable success, the Finns Party entered into a center-right governing coalition. Unfortunately, just a couple of years later, there was a pretty intense split from within the party, with a significant faction breaking away and forming what they eventually called the Blue Reform party; they’re now called the Finish Reform Party. And so that frustrated the growth of the Finns Party but only for a time. Politics is dynamic; and so as of yesterday, they’re back baby!

They got just over 20 percent of the vote, their best showing EVER, again, just shy of the vote share for the center right National Coalition! But they will be coalitioning together in a manner comparable to the 2011 nationalist populist government! Now, this is very exciting, because Finland is the SECOND Scandinavian nation to turn to the nationalist right in the last several months! As many of you know, back in September of last year, the nationalist populists stormed the nation of Sweden! The patriot party is known as the Sweden Democrats, not Democrats like the Demon-crats here in the States, unlike our Democrats, the Sweden Democrats are a patriot party that actually represents the values, interests, and concerns of the Swedish people, the Sweden Democrats had their biggest victory ever back in September! They officially became the single-largest party in their rightwing block, the coalition of center-right parties, they are now the kings of the Swedish right AND they are now the second most popular party in all of Sweden, beating out their center-right party known as the Moderate Party.

Just to give you a sense of how significant that was, the center-right Moderates have held the position of the second most popular party in Sweden in every single election since 1979! This was the first time in over 40 years that the Moderates did NOT come in second to the leftwing Social Democrats! Talk about controlled opposition! That’s what you call a political paradigm shift, because the center-right has obviously been losing voters to the far more patriot-based, nationalist populist Sweden Democrats! So we’re seeing, as of this weekend, what may be a political paradigm shift for much of Scandinavia! It’s happening in Sweden, what many consider to be the single most liberal nation in all of Europe. They now have a nationalist populist government in place, and now it’s happening in Finland! And there’s significant solidarity between the two parties!

A couple of years back, representatives from the Finns Party and the nationalist populist Sweden Democrats got together in Finland, and held a series of meetings where they discussed the various ways in which they could intensify their cooperation with one another. Both the Finns Party and the Sweden Democrats belong to the same coalition at the EU, what’s known as the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, along with the Danish People’s Party and many others. They are in fact the third or fourth largest group in the European Parliament. So we can see the trajectory here of this mass shift to the right; and it’s not just Scandinavia; this nationalist populist uprising is sweeping the continent and it has the Bullies in Brussels at the EU absolutely petrified; you’re going to love this!

More and more liberal pundits in the legacy media are indeed recognizing that nationalist populist movements are gaining ground throughout the continent of Europe and threatening the future of the globalist EU! For example, just a couple of weeks back, we reported on the political earthquake in the Netherlands, a brand new party, called the BBB, or the Farmer Citizen Movement. It’s a party that represents the persecuted farmers who’ve been protesting against their draconian government non-stop now for months! This brand new farmers party absolutely stormed their provincial elections and took control of the Dutch senate! They trounced their current prime minister’s party that’s been shoving these tyrannical green energy initiatives straight from the Davos down the throats of Dutch farmers. The farmer rose up and pushed back like never before!

Just a few weeks before the Dutch elections, nationalist populists stormed the province of Lower Austria, Austria’s largest province, in their regional elections, where the Austrian Freedom Party won over 24 percent of the vote, up nearly 10 points from the last state-level election back in 2018. Their showing was so impressive, that the establishment conservative party known as the People’s Party, officially entered into a coalition with them, which in effect means that Austria’s largest province is now governed by a nationalist populist coalition. And just weeks before the Austrian elections, the nationalist populist coalition of the Brothers of Italy, Lega, and Forza Italia won majorities in both Chambers of the Italian parliament! Giorgia Meloni of the Brothers of Italy rose to power to become prime minister as the nationalist populist parties stormed Italy! In fact, her tenure has since been so successful, that Meloni is now officially the single most popular leader in all of the European Union!

And some weeks prior to Italy you had the Sweden Democrats and their historic win, and weeks before that, the National Rally Party in France made HUGE gains, what France 24 called historic gains, in winning nearly a hundred seats in the French Parliament. We have to understand just how seismic that was. Back in 1997, National Rally won just a single legislative seat! In the elections in 2002 and 2007, they got skunked, they didn’t win a single seat! In 2012, they won 2 seats and in 2017, they won 8! And now, just a few months back, they stormed the French Parliament by winning nearly a hundred seats! Obviously there’s something going on here; we are clearly seeing a massive move to the right sweeping the European continent. Now of course, the Bullies in Brussels are going to do everything they can to frustrate this movement and frustrate the power that they achieve, but I do think the writing is on the wall. All such efforts to frustrate the turn to the right are only going to continue to fuel populist resentments against their ruling class! Perhaps Europe isn’t done after all!