Feds Still Protecting Illegals!

As the border remains wide open and videos of violent and overwhelming invasion spread across the world, the Federal courts continue to prevent Texas law enforcement from restoring any semblance of law and order. On Tuesday night, March 26th, the fifth circuit court of appeals formally denied Texas’ request to continue enforcing Senate Bill 4 as the appeal continues to be processed. Senate Bill 4 was signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott and would allow Texas law enforcement to arrest illegal immigrants and begin the process of possible deportation.

And if the crisis on the southern border wasn’t insane enough, New York City has announced plans to give prepaid debit cards for food, allocating over $53 million towards this effort. This comes amidst the Big Apple being completely overwhelmed with illegals as crime spikes, residents are asked to house them in their homes, and even police are violently assaulted. This is no surprise, however, as Mayor Eric Adams seems more concerned with punishing White people (crackers as he calls them) and law enforcement for racism than maintaining law and order in America’s largest city.

Adams has since been forced to apologize for this racist outburst yet it is curious that none of the dozens of black “business leaders” seemed to have any issue with what was said. Perhaps this attitude is why the mayor is happy to arrest homeowners at the behest of squatters attempting to occupy and steal property. There are even videos going around from illegal immigrants instructing them how to use leftist squatters rights laws to effectively steal property from American citizens. I guess it isn’t “crackers” doing all of this so the mayor isn’t too concerned.

Even Joe Rogan has recently discussed the absurdity that are squatters rights laws. Leftist cities around America are imploding due to their nonsensical policies but the wide open border paired with incentives like millions in free food are fast accelerating our urban decline. American cities do not need to be shitholes, as President Trump has said. While it is understandable that Greg Abbott would protect the interests of Texans by bussing illegals to blue cities nationwide, we ultimately need to stop the flow at the source. There is free travel between all 50 states so nobody is really safe regardless of where some criminal gets bussed to.

Unfortunately the Federal Courts seem determined to protect the rights of the establishment to orchestrate the great replacement at a record fast pace. The only immediate solution to this civilizational problem is to reelect President Donald Trump and ensure his agenda of mass deportations and a completed border wall are fulfilled. Anything short will see the country lost for good.

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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