FBI Targeting Traditional Catholics!!!

The FBI just got caught spying on Americans yet again, and this time, it’s on conservative Catholics! We’re going to see the bombshell hearings where the Attorney General is doing everything he can to run away from this, and we’re going to see precisely how conservative Catholics are rising up and ending this lawless regime!

-The FBI is targeting Traditional Catholics!

-AG Merrick Garland DIDN’T ANSWER ANYTHING under oath!

-This is an attempt by the globalists to take down traditional Christians! It will fail!

A few weeks back, a bombshell whistleblower report came out revealing that the FBI’s Richmond field office recently released an internal memo warning against what they called ‘radical traditionalist Catholic ideology.’ The document was exposed by a special agent at the bureau for six years before he was indefinitely suspended, that appears to be the pattern that the FBI engages in with whistleblowers, and it claims that traditionalist catholic parishes and groups are breeding grounds for white supremacists! Attorney General Merrick Garland was brought to Capitol Hill today to testify regarding these explosive accusations:

Wow! I don’t know was his answer! How many FBI spies are in Catholic parishes across the country Attorney General? I don’t know! The default answer of the permanent political class where the number one rule is: always avoid accountability! Now, Senator Josh Hawley brought up the SPLC, the Southern Poverty Law Center, as the source for targeting Traditionalist Catholics as hate groups. Unfortunately for the FBI, as Senator Hawley noted, the SPLC has been thoroughly discredited, even USA Today has referred to the SPLC as, in their words, a ‘scam.’ The SPLC has perhaps more than any other organization turned grievance politics into an industry, and a very, very lucrative industry. The SPLC rakes in tens of millions of dollars a year smearing conservative organizations and causes and, unfortunately, conservative Catholics are the latest. It’s proof that the left’s grievance groups know no bounds in terms of their politics of destruction, and they’ll even go after members of the Catholic Church! But besides that, we all know what’s really going on here; it’s the exact same thing we saw happen with parents protesting their woke school boards!

As many of you all too well remember, several months back it was revealed that the Department of Justice launched an all out effort to combat what they claimed was an increase in threats of violence against school officials and teachers all across the country. It was in response to a request by the National School Boards Association; this National School Boards Association requested that the  Patriot Act, which is an act that involves dealing with domestics terrorists! They requested that the Patriot Act be enforced against threatening parents! And the Justice Department basically said: OK! We’ll do that!Matt Walsh, at the time, tweeted out: “Leftist activists can come to your house with bullhorns. Film you in the bathroom. Loot your business. Burn police stations. The FBI does nothing. But if conservative parents raise their voices at a school board meeting [as by the way Matt Walsh has himself recently done], they’re hunted down as terrorists. The law is dead.” And he’s absolutely right!

What Biden and the Democrats are doing here, either with Traditional Catholic parishes or parents pushing back against woke schoolboards, is something scholars refer to as ‘weaponized legalism.’ That’s the technical term for the politicalization of the law; weaponized legalism; a weaponized legal regime, which is what we live under right now thanks to Bumblin’ Biden, uses the law to deliberately undermine their political opponents, strengthen themselves and their allies, and use the law to show-off their power to threaten and intimidate! That’s precisely what the Justice Department has become, they’ve become a weaponized legal regime that uses the law as a political weapon! So for example, Democrats care nothing about enforcing immigration law at the southern border, but they care everything about bussing immigrants from Florida to New York! They didn’t give a rip about their law enforcement responsibilities during the George Floyd riots but are now suddenly the great defenders of the nation against these January 6th insurrectionists! This is weaponized legalism, it’s the intentional use of the law to persecute your political opponents and intimidate everyone else, all the while securing your own position of power! But the jokes on them! The amazing news in all of this is that traditionalist Catholics are rising up against this nonsense like never before!

As it turns out, traditionalist Catholic parishes, particularly the ones celebrating the Latin mass, are growing by leaps and bounds, even as contemporary Catholic parishes are shrinking. One Los Angeles parish that introduced the Latin Mass saw their parish double in attendance in a single year! I would argue it’s all part of a wider phenomenon known as ‘retraditionalization’ where more and more populations are returning to nation, culture, custom, and tradition, most particularly our religious traditions, as mechanisms of resistance against liberal globalism and its anti-cultural secular aristocracy! Catholicism is no exception to this wider trend; and so, as the Biden Justice Department tries to clamp down on traditional Catholics, they are quickly finding themselves tangling with a very formidable and indeed growing foe!