Fani Willis is About to be DESTROYED!

Fani Willis, the prosecutor who brought bogus charges against Trump, is herself about to get prosecuted. We may finally see her and this whole insane case against Trump come crashing down!

– Fulton County DA Fani Willis faces prosecution over allegations of financial misconduct and an illicit affair with special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

– Witnesses claim the affair began before Wade’s appointment, potentially implicating Willis in perjury.

– Former staff members line up to testify against Willis, with claims of whistleblower retaliation and misuse of grant funds.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is herself being subject to prosecution as the court turns its attention to accusations that Willis has been financially benefiting, along with her lover, special prosecutor Nathan Wade, from their prosecution of Donald Trump. Judge Scott McAfee will be hearing arguments today to decide whether to dismiss Fani Willis from the case that she has brought against Trump.

She is in court for this based on allegations that she broke state ethics standards in appointing someone as a prosecutor whom she was having an affair with and the misuse of taxpayer funds. Fani Willis, the Fulton County DA who has launched a political witch hunt against President Trump, is being accused of having an illicit affair with her subordinate, Nathan Wade. While they have both admitted to having an affair, the real accusation is that they lied about when the affair began. She and Wade maintain they didn’t start having an affair until after she appointed him as special prosecutor in this corrupt case against Trump, but several witnesses who will be testifying Thursday and Friday, including Wade’s former attorney, are all coming forward to testify that Willis and Wade started having an affair long before Fani Willis appointed him as special prosecutor.

This means they both would have been caught lying under oath in terms of when the affair began. The judge in this case, Judge McAfee, has stated that this would be grounds for dismissing Fani Willis from her ridiculous case against Trump. Some pundits think it would almost certainly mean her disbarment. More importantly, she also allegedly paid Wade an inordinate amount of money, and the two of them went on extravagant vacations and getaways together.

It’s being reported that evidence has just been brought to the court that one of the exotic places that Wade and Willis visited was Belize. Apparently, according to court documents, they spent nearly $100 at a tattoo parlor, among other expenses. So a tattoo on the body of either Willis or Wade or both of them may end up being all the corroborating evidence needed to dismiss them both from this case.

Now there are reports that several of Willis’ former staff are lining up eagerly to testify against her. This all seems to be going back to a bombshell leaked recording that put Willis at the center of a brand new scandal where she is being accused of firing a whistleblower who came forward with information that Willis’ former campaign social media manager was using a $500,000 grant for illicit purposes like buying up ‘swag and travel expenses.’ She warned Willis that this guy was dangerous to her administration:

So as you can hear, this whistleblower inside Fani Willis’ office is revealing to her that this guy was not only misusing grant money, but he responded to this whistleblower’s concerns by retaliating against her, taking her off of projects, demoting her, and making intimidating comments. We now know that less than two months later after that conversation, Fani Willis abruptly fired that whistleblower, Amanda Timpson and allegedly even had her perp walked out of the office to humiliate her.

Timpson purportedly leaked this recording to the Washington Free Beacon as part of her ongoing whistleblowing efforts to blow the roof off of the corruption that pervades the Fulton County DA’s office. We are seeing ethical violations, abuse of power, and course, the misuse of tax-payer funds that surrounds the way Fani Willis does business. All of this is coming to the fore in court, and we may indeed be seeing the end of Fani Willis’ brief period of much-undeserved fame!

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