Fani Willis EXPOSED in Georgia Court!!!

We are seeing a major scandal exploding here that involves corrupt Fulton County DA Fani Willis!

– Fulton County DA Fani Willis is accused of attempting to hijack the 2024 election through her prosecution.

– Court filings indicate that Wade, with minimal federal case experience, received almost one million dollars in legal fees, leading to suspicions of impropriety.

– Calls for Willis to be removed from the case are growing as the credibility of the prosecution against Trump is questioned.

Fani Willis is prosecuting many people in her crazed attempt at hijacking the 2024 election. One of the defendants’ lawyers filed a motion with the Fulton County Court to dismiss and disqualify DA Fani Willis and a Special Prosecutor appointed by Willis named Nathan Wade. Wade has never tried a federal case before, and his previous experience was in family law. He obviously should not be a part of this case, but Fani Willis appointed him because they are in a romantic relationship.

The lawyer for one of the case’s defendants scandalized the court by exposing this family court prosecutor and Willis of having an affair and financially benefiting from this sham prosecution. Nathan Wade had no place in prosecuting this case, but also, according to court filings, he received almost one million dollars in legal fees since taking on the case. These are paid for by Fulton County at the direction of Fani Willis, so taxpayer funds are being stolen under the cover of this sham prosecution. No other prosecutor received this amount of money for this case or any other court case.

Willis and Wade are accused of using these funds together to go on extravagant vacations. The court filings are alleging that Fani Willis and Nathan Wade have been personally profiting from this sham case against Trump. Wade’s divorce proceedings have also come up as his ex-wife’s attorney provided receipts that Wade was having an affair with Willis, that they made large amounts of money, and that they were blowing it on extravagant purchases.

Sadly, Wade has also allegedly completely abandoned his ex-wife who is financially struggling to care for herself amid their divorce. This entire sham case is being blown apart, with Wade expected to testify in his divorce case soon. Many on the left are also calling for Willis to be removed from this case as the credibility of this effort to attack President Trump has completely crumbled!

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