Fani Willis’ Case Pushed Back!

The Fani Willis case against Trump is officially in tatters! We are going to see the latest development that just completely dashed the Democrats’ hopes for another conviction!

– Fani Willis, the DA behind a high-profile case against President Trump, is facing significant challenges.

– The Georgia Court of Appeals has set a date of October 4th to hear arguments from Trump’s lawyers seeking to remove Willis from the case.

– The delay means that a trial is unlikely to occur before the upcoming election, undermining Democrat hopes for a pre-election conviction.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, whose high profile sham case against President Trump is already in tatters due to her illicit affair with a subordinate, has just received her worst news yet. The Georgia Court of Appeals has officially set a date of October 4th to hear oral arguments by President Trump’s lawyers to remove Willis from the case.

The appeal was filed immediately after the judge in this case, Scott McAffee, required that either Willis or her boytoy Nathan Wade had to recuse themselves in order for the case to move forward. This was an absurd decision because McAffee recognized that they are both corrupt, but only required one of them to go. The Trump team filed an appeal of that decision that allowed Fani Willis to continue to prosecute the case, and that appeal has been granted.

Arguments are set to be heard in October. That means that there is almost no way that this trial is going to see the light of day before November 5th. This means that the Democrats’ hopes for another sham conviction against Trump have just been dashed. We may not even have to wait until October as the Supreme Court’s immunity decision may kill this before the Georgia appellate court does. The Supreme Court is most likely going to rule that a sitting president cannot be prosecuted for anything that he has not been impeached and convicted of in the United States congress.

Congressional impeachment and senatorial conviction are the constitutionally prescribed ways of holding a president legally accountable, and if a president has not been impeached and convicted, that president cannot be subject to litigation after serving. Otherwise we would descend into a banana republic where the law is intentionally weaponized against every single former president, including Democrat ones. Either way, it looks like Big Fani’s days in the limelight are officially coming to an end, all as president Trump’s prospects for returning to the white house are rising like never before!

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