EVERYONE Calls for Biden’s REMOVAL after Press Conference DISASTER!

CNN has just raised the alarms. It’s a five-alarm fire at the White House because they know that it’s over for Joe Biden. They did everything they could to hide it, and he just kept getting worse. The whole world is seeing it! The recent press conference was an unmitigated disaster! This is all becoming the Democrats’ worst nightmare!

– Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson was juxtaposed with Biden’s press conference blunders, leading to concerns about Biden’s competence.

– Even some Democrats like Dean Phillips are expressing doubts about Biden’s ability to lead, with some advocating for his resignation or removal.

– Efforts are underway to initiate the 25th Amendment, with Representative Claudia Tenney urging consideration to remove Biden from office.

On Thursday night we saw a tale of two cities. The world saw Russian President Vladimir Putin in his interview with Tucker Carlson which has now exceeded 100 million views on X. It was an astonishing interview covering 1,100 years of Russian history, geopolitical strategy, economics, the future of the dollar as the world’s default currency, the emergence of BRICS, and the recalibration of the world order. On the other side, the world saw this:

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, declared for all the world to hear that Mexico is on the border of Gaza. And not only that, but their president just so happens to be the president of Egypt. The world saw those two world leaders speaking back-to-back. The vast majority of the countries will not see America as stable, competent, strategic, capable, or skilled.

Biden’s press conference last night was hastily thrown together which was evident. The White House was in such obvious panic over the bombshell report dropped by special counsel Robert Hur that probed Biden’s illegal mishandling of classified documents in his garage. Hur’s investigation uncovered a shocking habit of Biden’s in removing classified documents from their secure locations as a senator and a Vice President over 15 years. It is a felony to remove classified documents and store them in an unsecured fashion like a garage. Biden did it multiple times over 15 years. The report details each offense.

But then Hur concluded that a jury would not convict Biden because they would sympathize with his old age and obvious dementia. Hur’s report detailed how Biden could not remember when he was vice president when his term began, and that he didn’t remember, even within several years, when his son Beau died. He was suffering from severe cognitive degeneration. According to Hur, that would make Biden sympathetic to a jury, and so, while he violated the law multiple times, no charges will be pressed because he’s so old and senile.

When that report was made public, it lit a powder key throughout DC. Almost immediately Speaker Mike Johnson came out and publicly declared that Biden was completely unfit for the Oval Office, saying, “A man too incapable of being held accountable for mishandling classified information is certainly unfit for the Oval Office.” The 25th Amendment, which spells out the procedures for removing a sitting president who can no longer carry out his duties, started trending on X.

Senator Josh Hawley explicitly called for invoking the 25th amendment. Senator Mike Lee of Utah tweeted, “If ever there were a time to invoke the 25th Amendment, wouldn’t that time be now?” Representative Mary Miller of Illinois said, “For the safety of our nation, Joe Biden must resign. He could not remember basic facts about his life. He is not competent to remain as Commander-in-Chief & every day that he remains, he puts America at risk. If he won’t resign, the Cabinet must invoke the 25th Amendment.” Here’s Georgia firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene:

Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio were calling for the 25th Amendment. Even someone as measured as Byron York of the Washington Examiner tweeted, calling this a devastating report that invokes 25th amendment territory. Even Democrats like Dean Phillips of Minnesota are sounding the alarm. Phillips is predicting a Republican landslide in November if the Democrats don’t take out Biden, which is why Phillips is challenging him for the nomination. The New York Post ran with the headline: Bombshell Probe says Biden too senile to charge, and they tweeted: ‘Biden’s constant verbal blunders show he’s not fit to lead the country.’

Obviously the White House had to do something to try to calm this hornet’s nest. The geniuses over at the White House decided to hold a press conference. They thought that putting Biden up in front of the American people and having him open his mouth would somehow assuage these concerns over his cognitive health. Things didn’t quite work out the way they thought it would.

There is almost a sense of cruelty here. His brain cannot process all those voices speaking to him all at once. Ben Shapiro had a great tweet where he called it the challenger explosion of press conferences. It was a full-scale disaster. The headlines all show it: Fox News: “Biden Blistered by mainstream media after the disaster press conference, an ‘elderly irritable man.’” Real Clear Politics: “Biden’s Unannounced Press Conference was an Absolute Disaster” Mediate: “Joe Biden’s ‘My Memory Is Fine’ press conference was an all-time PR Disaster!” PJ Media: “Biden’s Unannounced Nighttime Speech an Absolute DISASTER”

Now there are reports that moves are being made to invoke the 25th amendment. New York Representative Claudia Tenney has sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland calling for the Cabinet to “explore” the use of the Constitution’s 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office. Obviously, Merrick Garland is too incurably corrupt to do anything about it, but the damage has already been done. Biden has imploded way beyond the possibility of repair!

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