European Farmers Stand up to the EU and the WEF!

Europe is exploding! Farmers from all across the continent are rising in a mass revolt against the green initiatives coming from the WEF and it’s only just the beginning. This patriot backlash may end up bringing down the European Parliament and the WEF.

– Farmers across Europe are protesting against radical green policies imposed by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

– German farmers demand the government’s resignation and snap elections, echoing protests in the Netherlands and France.

– Reports suggest the WEF is feeling pressure to address farmers’ demands and diffuse the uprising, with at least one European government already collapsing.

Farmers all across Europe are rising against the radical green policies that are being imposed on them by the WEF. The continent-wide revolt began recently in the nation of Germany. The leftist German government led by the Green Party’s Olaf Scholz announced plans to get rid of a tax break for agricultural vehicles as well as subsidies for diesel. The elimination of these would make agricultural endeavors almost impossible for many German farmers. Very much like we saw in the Netherlands over the last year, German farmers rebelled.

These farmers rose en masse against what they consider to be radically draconian policies of their leftwing government, and they are demanding that the government resign and hold snap elections. In France, farmers are rising in protest against their government’s similar EU, WEF-inspired green initiatives. Roads are being blocked all across the nation, and whole sections of cities are being shut down akin to Canada’s Freedom Convoy. Highways are being blocked across the country, and manure and agricultural waste are being dropped outside of politicians’ and public offices. Bales of hay are being spread through globalist fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s.

This is a thoroughly anti-globalist, anti-WEF protest. But it’s not just Western Europe. In Poland, farmers have begun to rise against their newly elected leftist, pro-EU government. Their radically globalist prime minister Donald Tusk is bowing the knee to the greenest initiatives that are crippling farmers and Poland’s agricultural industry. The farmers there are rising. In Lithuania, farmers are showing their solidarity with the anti-globalist uprising, pushing back against their own government’s attempts at imposing radical and draconian green energy initiatives on their national agricultural industry.

Romanian farmers as well are joining the continent-wide revolt, showing their solidarity with European farmers against these globalist schemes. The revolt has hit as far north as Scotland, who are openly claiming that this is ultimately about preserving their way of life in the face of these agricultural threats from the technocratic tyrants in the EU and the WEF. What we are seeing here is a massive backlash against European globalism in what the scholar Jan Zeilonka calls ‘neo-medievalism.’

With the rise of the European Union, the European Parliament, and the European Court of Justice, European politicians have forged a complex, multi-layered, caste-like system of political power at the center of which is a centralized administrative body located in Brussels. Ever since the Amsterdam Treaty was signed, the centralized administrative body of the European Parliament and the European Commission and Counsel have increasingly been intervening and enforcing its will on member states. The net result of this neo-medievalism is that individual European nations have largely lost their political sovereignty.

Individual European states are no longer regarded as the sole and sovereign center of power within their borders. Most of the populations throughout Europe are reaching critical mass in terms of their bottled-up frustration over the fact no one in political power is listening to them. The Bullies in Brussels are refusing to take their values, interests, and concerns seriously and are instead superimposing their agendas. They are completely ignoring the will of the people.

Europe is blowing up. This farmer’s uprising is a massive backlash against this neo-medievalist system that they believe is radically anti-liberal and anti-democratic. The neo-medievalist system of the EU is everything it claims to be against. It is tyrannical, dictatorial, and authoritarian, and European farmers have had it. They are rising and their revolt is growing by the day! It’s working.

Reports are that the WEF is feeling the heat. They are under enormous pressure to diffuse the uprising, specifically by capitulating to the farmers’ demands. Already we have seen at least one European government collapse from all of this. Geert Wilders stunned the political establishment by winning the elections in the Netherlands just weeks ago. Wilders was catapulted to the top by the tens of thousands of Dutch farmers who rose against the previous Dutch government’s attempts to shut down the Dutch agricultural industry. The uprising forced the previous Dutch government of globalist Mark Rutte to collapse, which paved the way for the rise of Geert Wilders and the Dutch Freedom Party.

We have already seen one government collapse over this, and it appears we may be seeing two more on the brink. This includes France and Germany. In both countries, not only are farmers rising, but we are seeing the nationalist populist right surging in popularity as well. Both Marine Le Pen in France and the Alternative for Germany are polling at all-time highs in their respective nations. The so-called far-right, which is simply the nationalist populist revolt against the neo-medievalized EU, is growing so fast that they may take over the European Parliament in this year’s elections. If that is the case, in many respects, the farmers will have successfully stormed Brussels and a new era of national sovereignty throughout Europe may be the result.

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