Establishment ADMITS Trump Is CRUSHING 2024!

Trump is now at 52% with a 14-point lead over Nikki Haley in New Hampshire! Trump is poised to crush his opponents in any future primaries and the general election, and the left is admitting this.

– Trump gains significant support in New Hampshire with 52%, backed by a Suffolk poll showing a 16-point lead over Haley.

– Biden faces challenges with declining support across all demographics, prompting concerns among Democrats about the upcoming election.

– Trump’s strong performance in Iowa contributes to the growing certainty about his chances in the November election.

Trump is at 52% support in New Hampshire. The latest Anselm poll that just came out shows Trump with a nice bump from his dominance in Iowa. Anselm is being corroborated by the latest Suffolk poll, a very historically accurate poll for New Hampshire, which has Trump clocking in at 50% with a 16-point lead over Haley. There is no realistic path to victory for anyone other than Trump. DeSantis had spent $60 million on Iowa and got crushed. Haley continues to get tons of funding because she’s getting it largely from Democrats who are desperately trying to make her the nominee. After all, they know Biden has politically collapsed. They are reading the writing on the wall and they see Biden losing with every single Democrat constituency. Biden is losing Latinos, blacks, women, the working class (both white and non-white), Arab-Americans over his policies in the Middle East, and urban voters because of his incompetence at the southern border.

Biden is hemorrhaging his voter base, and they recognize that no one, with these approval ratings so low, can pull this off no matter how many shenanigans they try to pull on election day. Trump is eating away at the Democrat margins in the urban vote like no Republican has ever done before. The Democrats have thrown ALL their eggs in one urban cosmopolitan basket, and Trump is eating away at those otherwise colossal urban margins. Democrats recognize Biden is toast, and so they’re trying to coronate Haley as the Republican nominee so at least they’ll have a neocon in office. They don’t care if it’s a Democrat or Republican as long as it’s someone who will faithfully serve the values, interests, and concerns of the establishment elite! However, more of that establishment elite are recognizing that there is no way on earth that Nikki Haley will ever come within a thousand miles of the nomination.

The CEO of JP Morgan, one of the biggest financial services companies on the planet, shared that their forecasters predict that Trump is going to win. They’re seeing what’s happening in Argentina with the election of the amazing Javier Milei, they are seeing what is happening throughout Europe, particularly in the Netherlands with the election of Geert Wilders, France and Germany’s leftwing governments crashing down, and the farmer’s and trucker’s protests growing like wildfire. They are realizing that the globalist ruling elite are on the chopping block. There is a populist revolt like never before, and JP Morgan wants to better position themselves in a favorable way to the new populist White House administration.

And he’s not alone. Mike Pence’s former chief of staff Nick Ayers has just endorsed Trump. The new Nevada Republican Governor Joe Lombardo has also just endorsed Trump, and of course, they follow the endorsements of both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

This massive lineup to endorse Trump is the recognition that he is winning in November. If they believed what so many in the legacy media are trying to convince us of, that Trump is guaranteed to be a disaster in November, they would be on air lamenting this victory in Iowa. They would be sounding like DeSantoids on Twitter, tearing their hair out, weeping and gnashing their teeth that the sky is falling. This is only guaranteeing Biden another term. Everyone recognizes that Trump is poised to crush it.

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