Elon Musk TORCHES Woke Left At Huge Summit: ‘Go F*** Yourself’!

Every year, The New York Times hosts what they call the DealBook Summit which features a roster of major speakers sitting for interviews with Andrew Ross Sorkin. This year, the featured speaker was Elon Musk. It was an interview that would prove earth shattering for the ruling establishment so faithfully represented and guarded by the New York Times.

– Musk criticizes woke corporations and their manipulation, citing a fraudulent report by Media Matters linking X to neo-Nazi accounts.

– Musk highlights the hypocrisy of globalist elites supporting woke actions by companies like Disney and Media Matters.

– Musk’s call-out prompts a mass boycott of Disney, reflecting growing resistance to woke manipulation.

Elon was blunt and direct. He even called out Disney’s Bob Iger, who was there. He is the CEO of Disney who pulled their advertising from X, formerly known as Twitter. Elon, in front of our globalist elites, told Bob Iger to go f*** himself! Obviously they had no idea how to even respond. The interviewer, Andrew Ross Sorkin, was absolutely stunned speechless. Musk turned him into a stuttering fool. In front of everyone, he had no idea how to respond to someone who just told the whole of the globalist corporate establishment to Go f*** themselves.

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The richest man on the planet just told woke corporations that he, and billions of others along with him (the whole world as he put it), refuse to be beholden to them and their incessant and pernicious wokeness. We refuse to bend the knee to their manipulative and cruel tactics that seek to force compliance with your vile woke sensibilities.

He was alluding here to what recently happened with ultra-woke and repulsive Media Matters, who ran a November 16th report that accused X of linking together a number of big name brand advertisements with neo-Nazi accounts. According to the Media Matters report, ads for companies such as Apple, IBM, Xfinity and the like were displayed alongside accounts that were spewing neoNazi propaganda. This caused a number of these advertisers to pull their ad dollars from X.

It was all a fraud perpetuated by Media Matters. According to Musk, Media Matters actually created fake accounts, and these fake accounts followed pro-neoNazi accounts. Then these fake accounts kept refreshing their pages until ads popped up. They then claimed it was all organic. They claimed that they did an investigation into how the platform was functioning irrespective of any intentional manipulation. In other words, Media Matters made this all up.

Andrew Ross Sorkin then asked Musk how he felt about his contributions to AI research and green energy.

‘What I care about is the reality of goodness — not the perception of it — and what I see all over the place is people who care about looking good, while doing evil. F—them!’ Elon Musk has defined wokeness in the past, saying, ‘Wokeness Gives People a Shield to be Mean and Cruel, Armored in False Virtue.’ That is a perfect description of the clowns that make up our lamestream media. Wokeness is divisive, exclusionary, and it is utterly hateful. It invites others to join in on that hate with the supposedly protective armor of false virtue.

Elon Musk, there in front of the gathered praetorian guard of our corrupt ruling elite, called them out on it. He and the world are no longer beholden to playing by their rules. Already there is a mass boycott of Disney after Elon called out Bob Iger. The sickness of all of this is that Disney can shill for every vile woke thing imaginable in front of kids, Media Matters can engage in all kinds of deception, and as far as these globalist elites are concerned, that is fine. These virtue signalers have no problem with Disney’s vile antics with children or Media Matters’ outright deception because wokeness invites you to be hateful and cruel. That is the hypocrisy that Elon Musk called out and that is the hypocrisy that will ultimately destroy our globalist elite!

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