Elon Musk Torches ANOTHER Woke Reporter!!

Elon Musk once again schools a legacy media reporter, demonstrating that their days are indeed over. We are going to see the latest Elon smackdown, we’re going to see what he said about George Soros and conspiracy theories, and we’re going to find out what it all means for the extraordinary rise of alternative media! You’re not going to want to miss this.

– Reporters are increasingly being called out for their biased reporting, leading to amusing interviews.

– Musk’s takeover of Twitter is significant for the decentralization of information.

– In this interview, Musk defended his tweets criticizing Soros and woke corporations

Elon Musk has been taking some heat for what he recently said about the far-left billionaire George Soros. In a Tweet earlier this week, Musk compared Soros to the X-men villain Magneto who is on a warpath against humanity. When a Twitter user defended Soros as having good intentions which are criticized by those who disagree with his politics, Musk responded, “You assume they are good intentions. They are not. He wants to erode the very fabric of civilization. Soros hates humanity.” Now those tweets came up in a recent interview on CNBC, and things didn’t go so well for that reporter who brought it up:

These smug reporters never ask such questions of Bud Lite or Miller Lite or any other corporate CEO whenever they go woke. Going woke isn’t just approved of, it’s fulfilling your ESG requirements, which is a new kind of social credit system being imposed on businesses by Soros and the WEF. Elon’s response there was good.

All the offers of money and power are not enough for him to abandon his championing of the principle of free speech, which he sees as foundational to a flourishing civilization. This smug reporter brought up the notion of Musk pushing conspiracy theories:

The reporter admitted that what Elon said was true: The Hunter Biden laptop was dismissed by the legacy media as a conspiracy theory. That’s exactly what NBC News called it in one of their headlines. This reporter completely stepped into it. This is what makes Elon Musk and his take over of Twitter so HUGE for civilizational renewal: with the Twitter platform, and with social media in general as long as it’s not policed by woke censorship boards, these networks provide the platform for information to be decentralized. Information can be separated from monopolistic institutional control like the legacy media, and it’s now available to everyone through digital networks.

Today, everyone with a cell phone is a cameraman, and everyone with a social media platform is a pundit! For the integrity of the legacy media, this means that the people, in an information age, now have the power to fact-check the legacy media. We now are armed with the information needed to fact-check the self-anointed fact-checkers. The more we’re armed with MORE information via the network society, the more we can fact-check the fact-checkers, and the more we find out how much they’re lying to us, and how much they push narrative rather than news. As this happens, the people’s trust in the legacy media implodes.

There is nothing the legacy media can do about their inevitable demise as long as they pretend to be above reproach in their reporting. As long as they ignore the fact that we have access to as much information as they do and can therefore fact check their purported facts, the trust level will continue to implode. With mass information and the platform provided by Elon Musk’s Twitter, the independent and alternative media world is rising. As this continues we will likely be seeing more hilarious interviews like this, where reporters step into the mess of their own making.

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