Elon Musk Launches Lawsuit!

Elon Musk has detonated what he called a Thermonuclear Lawsuit against one of the most woke Leftists organizations on the planet, George Soros’ own Media Matters. Media Matters is an organization that exists for no other reason than to smear conservatives and patriots like Elon Musk. It looks like Musk is about to blow them into oblivion!

– Media Matters accused X (formerly Twitter) of linking ads from big-name brands with neo-Nazi accounts, causing advertisers like Apple and IBM to pull ad dollars.

– Elon Musk files a “thermonuclear lawsuit” against Media Matters, seeking to eradicate the organization.

– The combined efforts of Trump and Musk aim to use legal action to challenge and potentially diminish left-wing media outlets.

Media Matters ran a November 16th report that accused X, formerly Twitter, of linking together a number of big name brand advertisements with neo-Nazi accounts, so the ads for companies such as Apple, IBM, Xfinity and the like were displayed alongside accounts that were spewing neo-nazi propaganda.

They put together screenshots of IBM and Apple ads right next to posts that touted Hitler. This caused a number of these advertisers to pull their ad dollars from X! According to Musk, what really happened was that Media Matters actually created fake accounts which followed pro-neoNazi accounts, and then these fake accounts kept refreshing their pages until ads popped up. They took the screenshots of the ads and they claimed it was all organic.

They claimed that they did an investigation into how the platform was functioning irrespective of any intentional manipulation. Media Matters made this all up. It is all a fraud like the Russia collusion hoax. It’s all a scam. Here’s independent journalist Michael Shellenberger reporting on his own investigation into Media Matters’ claims:

It looks like Media Matters got caught perpetrating a blatant fraud in an attempt at financially hurting a major social media company. They are using fraudulent methods to prop up an accusation they pushed before ever investigating the social media platform. It is like the health studies that were put out by Philip Morris and Marlboro cigarettes. No one takes those studies seriously because the conclusion was already predetermined.

Media Matters is blatantly committing fraud here, so Elon has just dropped what he is calling a thermonuclear lawsuit on them. Musk wants them eradicated as a viable organization. He is hiring the best lawyers, and he just filed a lawsuit against Media Matters in the Texas courts.

Musk is now being joined by the single greatest Attorney General in the nation, Ken Paxton. The Texas attorney general’s office just announced that they are investigating Media Matters for fraudulent activity in relation to their bogus report on Twitter. Now Media Matters has to contend with the most powerful Attorney General in the nation outside of DC.

We are getting word that now President Trump’s Truth Social is fighting back and suing 20 media outlets over allegedly false reports stating that the company had suffered tens of millions in losses. The suit that was filed in Florida state court. They are suing the Guardian News, the Hollywood Reporter, the Miami Herald, Reuters, Rolling Stone, the Hill, Deadline Hollywood, and over a dozen of other media outlets. This shows that Trump, like Elon, sees now as the time to launch a full-throttle attack on the media.

Every poll right now is showing that trust in the legacy media is at an all-time low. With that implosion in trust, now is the perfect time to seal their fate with a slew of lawsuits that will sue them into oblivion. That is what Trump is hoping to do here with these 20 outlets, and of course, that is what Elon Musk is hoping to do with Media Matters. The combination of these two economic and political giants may just be the perfect storm to crush these despicable leftwing outlets once and for all.

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