When you’re Elon Musk, and you’re invited to speak at a forum called the World Government Summit, what else do you speak about, other than slamming the idea of a one world government!

-Elon Musk SHOCKED globalists!

-The answer to resisting one world government is right here!

-Archeofuturism! Read below to learn about it!

Elon Musk was one of the featured speakers at this year’s World Government Summit in Dubai, which has been meeting since 2013, and brings together leaders and experts in various fields to discuss global challenges and propose solutions for shaping the future of government and the world. Speaking by simulcast, Elon Musk said this:

Now, of course, Musk acknowledged the irony of his words, being at a World government Summit, and he even followed that up with the ironic tweet: ‘It seemed like the right venue!’ and perhaps it was; in fact, I would argue, a Summit in Dubai is actually the perfect venue! First and foremost, we have to note that this concept of a single, centralized, one world government is intrinsic to the very logic of globalization. It requires no conspiracy, no nefarious actors, even Klaus Schwab of the WEF or Soros don’t have to be on the stage for this to work. The social, economic, and political dynamics inherent in globalization naturally work in the direction of a singular one-world government. In many respects, Europe is finding that out the hard way with the European Union and the Bullies in Brussels, which have put an end to so much localized political decision making!

Globalist societies entail a social dynamic that scholars call disembedding. Disembedding is a social process that in effect propels economic activity away from localized control toward far more transnational controls. So here I like to use the example of your local shopping mall: if you think it through, your local shopping mall isn’t in any way LOCAL. I mean, of course it’s local in terms of its proximity to you, but, you’ll notice that what makes a shopping mall a shopping mall is that the retail stores are not local, but rather national and international chains and brands. Right? This is especially the case with the latest releases at the movie theater [it’s not local movies that are playing] or the offerings at the food court [it’s not regional restaurants, but rather chains and brands]. This is disembedding: the economic activity that takes place all around us has very little to do with anything local or provincial; instead, economic activity has been disembedded from local control and reorganized around a more global economic market. And what’s so important here for us to understand is that it’s not merely economic processes that are arrested from provincial control. Political decision making is also dislodged and removed from localized control and recalibrated in the hands of a very few, a globalized elite, a kind of modern aristocracy. So the point here is that as that logic continues, as those processes of disembedding stack on to themselves; eventually you get a single, centralized, bureaucratic authority! We already have that to some degree with the IMF and the WTO, which are for all practical purposes world government organizations, in that they dictate, for lack of a better term, the rules and protocols that member nations have to abide by!

The University of Chicago political theorist John Mearsheimer notes that international order is basically established by integrating nations into institutions, like the WHO, the World Health Organization, which establishes the internationally-binding rules and protocols that member nations have to abide by; so what Elon Musk is saying here makes a lot of sense. We, in a modern globalist period, have to be very careful that we tame this globalist logic; but that of course begs the question; how do we do that? How do we make sure that globalism is working for nations rather than nations becoming subservient to globalism? The answer was actually right in front of Elon Musk!

Elon Musk’s warning against a world government could not have been more appropriate, given that such a warning was addressed to an audience in Dubai. You see, Dubai is recognized by many as a model city of the future, that is, what some have termed an archeo-future! Back in the 1990s, a book was published entitled Archeofuturism by French scholar Guillame Faye. Faye argued that the modern globalist world, rooted in the excesses of technology and mass industrialization, was provoking a crisis of meaning that made it simply unsustainable. He theorized that as the myth of unending progress inevitably wanes, future populations would increasingly return to what he called their archai, or their ancient wisdom and virtue traditions that have sustained their identities as unique people groups for thousands of years. Faye predicted that people preserving a technoscientific and industrial way of life will actually coexist with people who have reverted back to traditional societies based on religious and pastoral practices and a far more archaic way of life. Faye’s theory seems to be playing out in unique ways around the world, and as we can see, Dubai is considered by many to be a case study of an archeofuturist society. A society where constantly-advancing technology lives side-by-side with timeless, and here’s the key, localized tradition making the world, yes, both more technological and yet more traditionalist than ever! So while they may have named their gathering The World Government Summit, the hosting city of Dubai testifies that a secularized centralized world government is the last thing that will come out of this meeting!