El Salvador has ENDED CRIME and the Left is ANGRY!

What you’re about to see is going to blow your mind! You’re about to see a worldwide political future led by a man who’s president of what was once the murder capital of the world! He’s leading a nationalist populist revolution that’s restored law and order and earned him a 91 percent approval rating! And of course, woke libs are absolutely freaking out!

-Bukele’s no nonsense crackdown has earned him a 91% approval rating!

-He has built the LARGEST PRISON in the America’s to house MS13 gang terrorists!

-This is only the beginning of the law and order wave sweeping the world!

What you’re seeing are astonishing images coming out of the nation of El Salvador touting the opening of what they’re calling the nation’s new mega prison; a colossal complex that can hold up to 40 thousand prisoners at a single time! It’s all the brainchild of El Salvador’s new nationalist populist president, Nayib Bukele. A few years back, Bukele, a very successful business man and former mayor of San Salvador, ran for president as a populist outsider who campaigned on basically draining the swamp in El Salvadorian politics and restoring law and order to what had become one of the single most violent nations in the world. He joined up with the relatively new right wing party called the Grand Alliance for National Unity, and for the first time in the last several decades, a third-party populist candidate won the presidency, this of course just months after Donald Trump won as a total outsider the US presidency!

To underscore how significant of a victory this was, El Salvador had perhaps the most stable two party system among all the Latin American nations since the 1980s, it was virtually impossible for a political outsider to breakthrough; but that’s exactly what Bukele did! And he did so resoundingly with 53 percent of the vote—which turned out to be a first-round victory greater than all other candidates combined. In fact, it gets even better, in the 3 way presidential race, there were two rightwing candidates, Bukele and another fellow, and the two fo them combined received an astonishing 85% of the vote!!! The left wing candidate, Hugo Martinez got less than 15% of the vote. So needless to say, Bukele is very popular; he’s a Trump-like figure in El Salvadoran politics, and now we’re beginning to see the nation transform from one of leftwing lawlessness to one of rightwing law and order! At one point, El Salvador had the highest murder rate in the entire world, averaging one murder per hour! Drug cartels and gangs literally controlled everything; the government became little more than a passive spectator! But now, with Bukele at the helm, all of that has come to a dramatic end! Take a look at the latest reports: the homicide rate in El Salvador has plummeted; it’s been cut in half in just the last year! And one of the reasons for the dramatic drop in murder rates is being touted by this government released video:

As you can see, it depicts thousands of tattooed gang members rounded up in their underwear, their heads all shaved, as they’re being transported to the newly built largest prison facility in the Americas! It’s all part of Bukele’s massive crackdown on violent crime, which has resulted in the arrest of over 64 thousand violent criminals, and it’s changing El Salvador like never before!

Take a look at this the Washington Post; it’s a piece by opinion columnist Leon Krauze, and it makes the argument that El Salvador’s newly unveiled massive prison for hardened gang members is a sign that Bukele has turned El Salvador into a police state: ‘At least 60,000 Salvadorans have been imprisoned as a result of the crackdown, including hundreds of minors, often in what a recent Human Rights Watch reports calls “indiscriminate raids.” The report paints a chilling portrait of authorities run amok, arresting Salvadorans with “no apparent connections to gangs’ abusive activity,” sometimes acting merely on “appearance or social background.” As of November, 90 detainees had died in custody, according to the government’s own numbers.’ Now, just to show you who is saying this, the same publication, the Washington Post, eight months ago, actually led with this headline, I kid you not: ‘El Salvador’s mass arrests won’t lower the murder rate.’ May I remind you: these are the self-righteous, self appointed fact checkers of supposedly reliable information!

Here are the facts: back when the leftists were in charge of El Salvador, in 2015, the total murders were 6, 656. Given El Salvador’s population, one stat had a hundred murders per every one hundred thousand people; but in 2022, after Bukele’s law and order reforms, that murder rate dropped to just 495! And the Washington Post had the gall to tell us that mass incarcerations of some of the most violent and murderous people on the planet would do nothing to change the murder rate in El Salvador! Who even gives these guys the time of day anymore? They are leftwing globalist propagandists, the very propagandists that got El Salvador in the criminal mess it was in before Bukele came to power! Is it any wonder that right now as we speak, President Bukele has an approval rating, I kid you not, of 91 percent! You heard that right; he has a 91 percent approval rating! THIS is the future! Rightwing law and order is the political paradigm of the future! Nationalist populist agendas can and do elicit 90 percent approval among populations! President Bukele is the future; he and the growing nationalist populist leaders around the globe are leading the way towards a new era when leftwing shills like the Washington Post will be long-forgotten; and when dilapidated crime-infested streets will be remembered as leftism’s ultimate legacy!