Disney+ IMPLODES Following Woke Backlash!

Disney+ is officially no more. This streaming service has been a disaster. It has lost billions because they can’t come up with good programming! CEO Bob Iger is telling Disney viewers to ‘prepare.’ They’re being forced to combine their streaming service with Hulu, a streaming service co-owned by Disney and Comcast.

– Disney plans to launch a combined app in March 2024, replacing Disney+ and Hulu, warning parents of inconsistent content.

– The Marvels, Disney’s latest Marvel Universe movie, experienced a box-office collapse with the worst opening day in the franchise, losing $100 million.

– Disney’s woke remake of Snow White faced backlash for making Snow White Latina and replacing dwarves with “magical creatures,” leading to project shelving.

They are planning on launching a beta-tested combined app with both apps permanently replaced in March 2024. Parents are being told to prepare because there are going to be a lot of movies and viewing options that are not consistent with Disney+, and that is because Disney is imploding.

Disney just experienced another failure with the Mrs. Marvel movies! The new Marvel Universe movie, called The Marvels, is being depicted as feminist in that the two main characters are both women. It had the worst opening day of any movie in the Marvel franchise this past weekend. It opened with $47 million, which is peanuts as compared to what it cost to make, which was a quarter of a billion dollars, and next to nothing as compared to other Marvel opening weekends. This is the sequel to Captain Marvel, which opened a few years back with over $150 million, so they lost $100 million this past weekend alone.

One movie consulting firm called it ‘an unprecedented Marvel box-office collapse.’ It even performed worse than their previous failure, which was Ant-Man, back in 2015, which just got over $50 million in their opening weekend. Unfortunately for Disney, they lost $900 million on their last 8 releases. The losses have been so bad, they’ve had to shelve one of their latest projects.

They planned on making an absurdly woke Snow White. The British Daily Mail published photos from the set of a live-action remake of the classic Snow White. Not only is Snow White now Latina, but perhaps most shockingly, instead of the traditional seven dwarves, the film was going to feature “magical creatures” to avoid reinforcing stereotypes, like dwarves.

The Daily Mail published photographs of the companions accompanying Snow White in the film, and they’re a band of your quintessential diversity hires. There was a variance in gender, ethnicity, and height, however, ironically there was only one dwarf among them. These photos went viral, and the sheer mockery and online ridicule these photos got, was so bad that Disney officials originally denied them. They claimed that the photos were fake.

After they were confronted by further investigation, Disney officials had to admit that the photos were indeed real, and the best they could come up with to try to cover themselves was claiming that they weren’t official. The backlash was so bad that they shelved the film. They are going back to the drawing board and they’re completely redoing the movie.

More cultural pundits are recognizing that it’s clear audiences are done with wokeness. When we factor in international audiences, we see that they commonly face international backlash. For example, recently Disney’s ‘Lightyear’ was banned from theaters across the Middle East for featuring a lesbian kiss. Here in the States, we are seeing a kind of soft banning.

Consumers’ sentiments have reached a threshold where they are increasingly refusing to buy from a corporation that appears to be so hell-bent on offending their values. It is not hard to see why this is such a commercial disaster. Wokeness splits the political left while uniting the political right. Woke issues and woke advocacy are hardly supported by a majority of the population. Disney is learning the hard way that when they push wokeness, more people are likely to boycott it and actively oppose it than support it. Audiences don’t want to pay to be virtue signaled or lectured to by a bunch of self-righteous cultural Marxist narcissists. Until Disney learns that lesson, they are going to continue to implode.

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