Did Putin and China END the WEF?!?!

-The World Economic Forum is meeting in Davos, Switzerland this week

-Even Klaus Schwab is admitting that the new multipolar world is leaving the WEF behind

-This year could be a very special WEF for many other reasons!

The Demons of Davos are gathering this week for the World Economic Forum, but they’re quickly realizing that the world has other plans for them! We’re going to see how Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are actively remaking the world order in such a way as to crush any hopes the WEF has to be a major player in it!

Every year, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and CEOs, all arrive in their private jets and are sequestered together in the remote mountain village of Davos, Switzerland for the annual meeting of the WEF, or World Economic Forum. It’s a carefully guarded meeting, replete with road blocks and security personnel, who cordon off and control the one and only entry into this village sequestered in the mountains of Switzerland. And it’s all for the Olympics of the Elite, as it were, the annual gathering of ‘the world’s thousand leading companies’ who quote seek ‘to shape a better future.’ Ukrainian president Volodomir Zelensky will of course be there, doing what he does best, (siphoning money from Western nations) he’ll be securing so-called ‘reconstruction’ loans from Blackrock which no one believes will ever be paid back, but that’s not the point. Ukraine has been a massive cash cow for the globalist elite for decades, and the months since the Russian invasion has only served to underscore that.

Elon Musk was invited to the latest gathering but he basically told them to stick it! Musk turned down the invitation in no uncertain terms; he in fact used some shall we say colorful language dismissing the gathering as a total and complete waste of time! However, there have been a number of reports coming out of late recognizing that this is no ordinary meeting; this is not just another year, just another gathering in the WEF’s ongoing attempt at recasting world politics and economics in their own image. Something is happening that is changing the world, and indeed the WEF, in ways that the Davos crowd is increasingly realizing they’re powerless to stop! The New York Times just ran the headline: ‘Davos confronts a new world order’ and their bi-line is fascinating: ‘The Covid-19 pandemic, the invasion of Ukraine, trends toward autocracy and economic inequalities are challenging the relevance of the World Economic Forum in Davos.’ Now, it’s that last phrase that’s so key here: all of these things are challenging the RELEVANCE of the WEF! The WEF, according to the New York Times, is LOSING its relevance; in other words, it’s losing its influence, its power to direct and dictate political and economic life!

Here are a couple of highlights from this article:

‘The post-Cold War era, dominated by the idea that Western liberal democracy and free-market capitalism held all the answers, is over. This was the very ethos of Davos. It must now pivot to the new reality provoked by Covid, …the war in Ukraine, and aggressive Russian and Chinese autocracies. If the old is gone, the new order is not yet born. Power is shifting away from the United States as China’s military and economic heft grows, but the shape of an alternative international system is unclear’

And that’s where the New York Times places its emphasis, that Davos needs to help steer the emergence of this new world order; unfortunately for them, I don’t think they’re going to be able to do that! Now just unpacking this a bit, we have to remember that after the Soviet Union collapsed, officially, in December of 1991, the Cold War Era, the standoff between the two major world powers of the United States and the Soviet Union, came to an end. Prior to that, you had what’s called, in geopolitical terms, a multipolar world: that was a world of a number, in this case, 3 major world powers: the United States, the Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany. The United States and Russia teamed up to knock out Nazi Germany, and then we entered into a bi-polar world, where there were only two major powers! That world collapsed in December of 1991, and that left the United States as the sole superpower on the planet, and THAT ushered in what’s called the liberal international order.

Of course this transpired because the most powerful state in the world was a liberal democratic state, and we purposely and deliberately sought to remake the world in our own image. We wanted all nations to become liberal democracies, embrace liberal values, be a part of the same institutions like the WTO and the IMF, and all have the same goals! And that’s where the WEF came in; the WEF provided an integrative vision for the world’s elite, its billionaires and bureaucrats, to orchestrate a unified political and economic agenda that is then imposed on the masses! And as long as we lived in a unipolar world, there seemed very little anyone could do to stop this! But then something happened, something happened that is now undermining the whole of the WEF, and ironically, in the end, it’s the WEF’s own fault!

China is quickly transforming into a major world power, and ironically, the dolts at Davos only have themselves to blame. It was believed that by getting China, which was until just a few decades ago an incredibly poor country, hooked on capitalism, that they would get rich, and in the process, reform their ways and become a liberal democratic ally with the US and Western nations! Well, they certainly got rich, and now, they’re in the process of building a military second-to-none in size and scope! And the CPC? It’s more powerful than it’s ever been! At the same time, Russia has actively decoupled itself from the West, creating its own parallel world, what scholars are increasingly calling a civilization state. Indeed, both Russia and China are actively engaging and reawakening their ancient imperial civilizational spheres together, in such a way that is in turn reawakening a multi-polar world! The unipolar world headed by the United States, the very world that became the essence of Davos, is officially dead! A new multi-polar world of multiple global powers has risen! And none other than Klaus Schwab, the head of the WEF, is admitting this!

Back in 2017, shortly after Trump was elected president and the Brexit referendum passed to emancipate Britain from the EU, Klaus Schwab admitted that the globalist world order, the liberal international order, that the WEF helped orchestrate and manage, was completely collapsing. He has since been warning his fellow globalists that they’re going to have to reimagine globalization in such a way that will be more palatable for a far more nationalist, populist, and civilizationalist world! But in the end, it’s being increasingly admitted even by our liberal elite, that the WEF isn’t calling the shots anymore! A new world order IS rising, and it’s one that promises to bring the days of the Demons in Davos to a most definite end!