Did Boeing KILL a Whistleblower?!

In the midst of unprecedented mechanical issues, Boeing, one of the pillars of the US military industrial complex, is facing backlash and inquiry into the production standards of their planes. We have seen recent instances of exit doors flying off mid flight and more recently, tires from the landing gear falling off during takeoff. Of course this has sparked massive public outrage and in the midst of whistleblower testimony that could lead to massive consequences for Boeing, John Barnett, former Boeing quality manager and major whistleblower in the ongoing investigation, was found dead by apparent suicide on Saturday March 10th.

Another whistleblower employee recorded over a dozen assembly line employees at a Boeing factory in Charleston as most told him they would not fly on the very plane they were building: the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The employees cited the lack of oversight, use of drugs by other employees, and the general lack of quality in materials and labor being put into the planes. Many sources discussing this story cite underskilled workers throughout all levels of the production process. We are about a decade or so out from the initial mass DEI push that pushed qualified white and asian men out in favor of more “diverse” employees and laborers who would work for less pay. Boeing was one of the primary pushers of woke DEI hiring nonsense. Is it any coincidence we are now seeing this collapse in quality as the first planes fully built by the new diverse workforce hit the skies?

John Barnett, the former quality control manager and Boeing employee for over 30 years, was scheduled to continue providing recorded testimony against Boeing later on the very day he was found dead in his car. I don’t think I need to tell the audience that this seems absurdly convenient for Boeing. Even if Barnet was suicidal, (there is no evidence for this) would he have done this right before testifying further on that very day? If they are willing to possibly bump off whistleblowers this early into the scandal, perhaps it goes deeper than we realize. Of course all of the videos of malfunctioning planes are insanely bad PR as anyone who flies regularly will fly on a Boeing plane.

As reported by Mario Nawfal in the thread above, Barnett testified to a series of test and safety failures by Boeing that were effectively ignored. This scandal is becoming something that may begin to affect the airline industry sooner rather than later as new clips of Boeing plane malfunctions seem to be appearing every day.

It would appear that this is an issue that is worth being taken up by Congress, especially considering the massive amount of US tax dollars that fund Boeing directly. Instead, however, Congress wants to focus on banning TikTok. To say our politicians are out of touch would be far too kind. Fly safe everyone.

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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