Detransitioners Rally Against Radical Gender Agenda in Schools!

For many years public schools have been the ‘default’ option for many families. The conveniences public schools provide include extremely low cost and effort for parents in comparison to private schools or homeschooling, and the ability to get a school bus to pick up and drop off children adds to the convenience of public schools. For many homes where both parents work, public school seems like it would be a great fit as it has been for decades. However, in recent years public schools have adopted many policies and ideas in their curriculums that many parents do not support and have shifted away a lot of their attention from educating children to keeping up with DEI requirements.

Public schools are currently under attack from conservatives because many schools are including transgender athletes in girls’ sports, incorporating critical theory into their education, remodeling bathrooms so that transgender students can use bathrooms not corresponding to their biological gender, and adopting policies that allow teachers to hide students’ ‘transitioning’ from their parents. Parents and students have expressed concerns over these developments and are lobbying for change.

Chloe Cole is a 19-year-old female who transitioned to male as a child but has recently detransitioned back to female. She began taking puberty blockers at the age of 13, had a double mastectomy surgery at 15 years old, and then began the process of detransitioning at 16. She spoke at a Muretta, CA school board meeting recently and explained that her parents were presented with two options when she identified as a transgender male. They could either allow her to ‘transition’ to male, or they were told they would have ‘blood on their hands.’

Chloe has highlighted the impossible position this puts parents in. Most parents love their children and want the best for them, and parents are being told that their children may suffer serious harm if they do not transition as they want to. At the time of Chloe’s transition, there was not much information available about the harms of transitioning for children.

Now, Chloe and several others have shared their testimony and have caused parents now to have more awareness of the harms of childhood transitions. Another detransitioned woman shared her story of being diagnosed as transgender within minutes of meeting with a doctor and experienced doctors seeking to help her to transition easily without much evidence to support this process being beneficial to her.

As we learn more about the severe and often irreversible effects of childhood transitioning, more parents and children are speaking up about these issues and their experiences. Many child and teen transitioners from several years ago have now “detransitioned” and are sharing more information about the harms of transitioning. These activists hope that by sharing these experiences, parents will not feel alone anymore and schools will enforce policies that truly help kids rather than follow liberal gender ideology. As we can see, many school boards in one of the most left-leaning states have already heard these testimonies and ruled against outrageous policies. As more people speak out and more harms are discovered, we will continue to see more schools reject liberal propaganda and embrace the truth.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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