DeSantis DROPS OUT as Trump Continues to SOAR!

The Republican establishment has read the writing on the wall and they are all rallying around President Trump who is now officially stronger than he has ever been. We are going to see what’s really behind the DeSantis endorsement and the latest on the Nikki Haley embarrassment, and we’re going to see what to expect for New Hampshire and the road ahead to November.

– Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has suspended his campaign and endorsed President Trump after running out of money and losing in Iowa by a significant margin.

– DeSantis spent $60 million in Iowa but faced a major setback, losing by 30 points and losing support from donors.

– The Republican establishment’s coup against Trump appears to be failing, as Trump remains strong despite multiple challenges, and the establishment recognizes his inevitable victory.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has suspended his campaign and has officially endorsed President Trump to crush Biden. DeSantis ran out of money. He put all his eggs in the single basket of Iowa. He personally visited every single county in Iowa. The legacy media made a big deal out of that, so it’s not for lack of publicity or coverage. He spent $60 million on campaign ads in Iowa, and he lost Iowa by 30 points.

DeSantis ran out of money since he has lost many donors as a result of that Iowa embarrassment. He had sunk to single digits in New Hampshire in the polls. There was no way DeSantis’ campaign even held a smidgeon of a chance to win the nomination against Trump. That is because, beyond the practical side of things, there was only one possible conceivable way he could have pulled this off. If somehow the establishment, through their utterly ridiculous use of lawfare, kicked Trump off the ballot, that would have been DeSantis’ only possible path to victory.

That’s why DeSantis has been rooting for these indictments. He has been cheerleading them and doing everything he can to ensure that they take Trump out. That is what made DeSantis’ campaign from its very inception so patently incoherent, and utterly doomed to failure. Country music superstar John Rich foregrounded this incoherence perfectly, saying, ‘When the guy you just endorsed has been being raided, indicted, spied upon and incessantly beaten with the baton of communism, and you ran against him anyway? You assisted the system we are trying to take down. Ron’s words ring hollow. Shoulda waited till 2028.’

We were all watching the establishment try to weaponize the system to take down President Trump, and instead of defending him, and directly opposing and rising against that system, DeSantis assisted it by running against him. He cannot coherently market himself as the candidate to take on the establishment when his actions so blatantly align with that establishment.

Given that Ron DeSantis’ only possible path to securing the nomination was the success of the lawfare to take Trump off the ballot, what does suspending his campaign and endorsing Trump reveal? It reveals that both he and his advisors have concluded that this lawfare has failed. The indictments have failed and the mugshot failed. What DeSantis thought was his ticket to the nomination, Trump getting kicked off the ballot by this weaponized legalism is not going to happen.

DeSantis dropping out and endorsing Trump just a couple of days before the New Hampshire primary was a very smart move on his part. The latest University of New Hampshire-CNN poll that just came out shows that 62% of DeSantis’ supporters will vote for Trump. This is what Ben Shapiro and several other DeSantis supporters have been advocating for recently. It was time for DeSantis to bow out and call to rally behind Trump and crush Biden in November.

The latest Emerson poll has Trump up by 15. The USA Today/Suffolk poll has Trump up by nearly 20 over Haley. The enthusiasm for a Trump second term is through the roof. Here’s what it looked like when Trump just arrived in New Hampshire:

And Trump even had a little gift for DeSantis:

The name ‘Ron DeSanctimonious’ is now officially retired. They are finally, as they always should have been, allies in destroying Biden and humiliating Nikki Haley. Haley was yet again publicly embarrassed by Senator Tim Scott’s endorsement of Trump. Every single major South Carolina politician, from Lindsey Graham to their governor has officially snubbed the former South Carolina Senator Nikki Haley.

Things are so bad for Haley, that they dredged up the completely disgraced Adam Kinzinger to try to rally support for her.

Crying Kinzinger does not even mention Haley by name. The desperation is just wincingly embarrassing at this point. When all is said and done, what’s left of the establishment’s coup against Trump is just desperately grasping at straws at this point. What we are seeing is the Republican establishment recognizing the inevitable. Trump has faced two impeachments, a J6 Kangaroo Court, four indictments, and 90+ felony charges, and he is stronger than ever. The establishment has lost, and Trump in many ways has already won!

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