Dems Panic Over Trump’s Rally in the BRONX!

Democrats are melting down over this upcoming Trump rally in the Bronx!

– One of Trump’s key strategies in 2016 was holding numerous rallies in traditionally Democratic areas that had never seen a presidential candidate.

– Trump is attempting to galvanize urban voters, such as those in the South Bronx, by visiting and addressing their concerns, signaling that he understands and represents their values.

– Weaponized legalism was supposed to be a tactic to hinder his campaign efforts, but it may be backfiring by mobilizing his supporters even more.

One of the key things that Trump did to flip nearly 200 counties throughout Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, and Pennsylvania that had voted Democrat consistently in presidential elections was holding so many rallies. He had these rallies in counties that never before had a presidential candidate visit them. His theme of 2016 was that the forgotten man and woman of America are forgotten no longer! People in the South Bronx feel abandoned and think that their politicians aren’t listening to them or taking their concerns seriously.

Trump coming to the Bronx communicates to these people that he hears them. He is also expressing that he represents their values, interests, and concerns and that he is one of them. He has been the victim of a crooked unjust system, and he wants to work with these people’s support to tear it down. That is an incredibly powerful message for not just the people of the Bronx but in the big cities throughout the swing states.

We saw Trump galvanize the rural vote in 2016 and 2020 with his rallies, but now he’s doing the unthinkable. He’s galvanizing the urban vote! He’s taking a vote that the Democrats absolutely depend on to maintain their power. Trump doesn’t have to win the cities or the urban vote. He doesn’t have to win the Bronx, Philadelphia, or any of these cities. He just has to shave off a significant portion of Biden’s margins with that vote.

The Democrat establishment is starting to freak out over Biden’s loss of Democrat support, and they are getting visibly nervous. The borderline illiterate Alexandria Ocasio Cortez had a meltdown over Trump holding a rally in her very own district:

She just said the quiet part out loud. This IS election interference. Trump’s court appearances are directly designed to keep him off the campaign trail. AOC was too clueless to recognize that she just admitted what all the rest of your Democrat colleagues have been denying. This weaponized legalism is rallying patriots all over America, and we are seeing it majorly backfiring on the Democrats!

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