Dems in ‘FREAKOUT’ over Biden!

Sleepy Joe was once again caught sleeping during a somber ceremony. This is yet the latest embarrassment that has Democrats increasingly panicked over Biden’s dwindling reelection prospects, and the media is openly admitting it!

– A recent Politico article titled “Dems in full-blown ‘freakout’ over Biden” highlights growing concerns within the Democratic Party regarding President Biden’s reelection prospects.

– The Morning Consult/Bloomberg poll shows Trump leading in several swing states and tied in Nevada, with Biden’sapproval ratings hitting record lows.

– Overall, the Democratic Party’s internal concerns and the challenging electoral landscape have contributed to a sense ofpanic, with many fearing a potential defeat in the upcoming election.

A new piece by Politico is titled:  “Dems in full-blown ‘freakout’ over Biden.” This headline from Politico, which has become nothing more than a DNC propaganda publication at this point, states that the left is in a “full-blown freakout over Biden.”

The piece starts by claiming, “A pervasive sense of fear has settled in at the highest levels of the Democratic Party over President Joe Biden’s reelection prospects, even among officeholders and strategists who had previously expressed confidence about the coming battle with Donald Trump. All year, Democrats had been on a joyless and exhausting grind through the 2024 election. But now, nearly five months from the election, anxiety has morphed into palpable trepidation, according to more than a dozen party leaders and operatives. And the gap between what Democrats will say on TV or in print, and what they’ll text their friends, has only grown as worries have surged about Biden’s prospects.”

They are writing this in the wake of the latest Morning Consult/Bloomberg swing state poll that just dropped, and once again, it’s painting the same electoral picture we’ve been seeing for weeks now. Trump is crushing Biden in every single swing state. He is either leading or in the case of Nevada, they are tied.

Trump is beating Biden by double digits in the state of Texas. Trump won Texas by 5 in 2020, but now he’s beating Biden by double digits in the Lone Star state. This is important because the Biden campaign desperately tried to convince voters that they were going to flip Texas. 2024 was the year that supposedly purple Texas was going to turn blue. That is not even remotely happening. According to the latest polling, Biden is up over Trump in the state of New York by only 9 points. He’s up by only 9 in a state that he won by 25 points in 2020.

Right now, Trump is more likely to flip New York than Biden is to flip Texas! This is why Democrats are freaking out because they’re not just looking at the swing state polls, they are looking at the race as a whole, and Biden is clearly in very deep trouble. The Washington Examiner, which is no fan of Trump, had a great piece out titled ‘6 Signs Biden is starting to panic about reelection prospects.’ The piece begins by focusing on Biden’s approval ratings. These polls, particularly in the swing states where Trump is crushing Biden, in some cases by double-digits, all come down to the approval ratings.

Historically, presidents need to be around the 50% approval mark to win reelection. Obama lowered the threshold a bit as he did it with 45%. Currently, Biden is in the mid-30s! According to the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll, Biden’s approval rating in May has fallen to its lowest level in two years and is at 36%. This Washington Examiner piece points out that this represents the lowest 13th-quarter approval rating of all nine past presidents in their first term in office. It puts Biden at the bottom 12% of all presidential approval rankings since 1945.

Biden is getting increasingly desperate here, and this Washington Examiner piece lists out what they’re calling 6 signs of just such desperation. First is Biden’s change of heart when it comes to the debates with Trump. At first, he said he wasn’teven going to consider legitimizing Trump with a debate. Now he’s changed his tune, agreeing to debate Trump but under very strict conditions. That’s a clear sign of desperation. Were Biden cruising to victory here, he wouldn’t be giving Trump the time of day.

The second sign is Biden asserting executive privilege over the Hur tapes. The tapes show Biden’s interviews with special counsel Robert Hur when Hur claimed that he was too old and senile to remember the day of his own son’s death and a whole host of other embarrassments! It’s a sign that the Biden team recognizes that concerns over his cognitive decline are a huge issue in this campaign.

Third, Biden is chasing after black and Latino voters who are abandoning him in droves. This Washington Examiner piece recognizes that Biden is spending millions on ad campaigns directed toward black and Latino media. He held a specialspeech for the NAACP in Detroit. He met with the so-called Divine Nine, which is a group of black sororities and fraternities. Biden is noticeably nervous about voting constituencies he should not be nervous about. These voters should be in the bag for Biden, and they’re not, as both the polls and Biden’s desperate actions are showing.

The fourth sign Biden is getting desperate is that now Biden has been reduced to trying to court the under-30 vote with weed-friendly policy changes. He has just announced that they are now classifying marijuana as a Schedule 3 drug, which is a downgrade from its traditional Schedule 1 status. He has already tried buying their votes by forgiving college debt, which the Supreme Court has ruled he can’t do, so the fact that he’s so-called forging student loan debts and downgrading marijuana is all an attempt at, getting back a vote that should be all shored up by now.

The fifth sign of Biden’s desperation is that he is doing everything he can to push back against Israel and its war efforts against Hamas! This of course is in response to the massive collapse in support among Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans, particularly in the key swing state of Michigan. Now he is trying to win them back by turning his back on Israel. Finally, Biden is using federal funds to pay for students who are registering people to vote. He’s been reduced to using our tax dollars as a pro-Biden get-out-the-vote effort.

His campaign isn’t doing enough. When all is said and done, the state of the race today is pretty clear. Trump is on offense, while Biden is on defense. Biden is reeling. He is not simply trying to hold on to Democrat constituencies, and that’s because they have already largely left. He is desperately trying to get them back and at the very same time, Trump has shored up his traditional Republican and MAGA vote. Now he is trying to expand the electoral map into Virginia, Minnesota, and possibly even Maine. Now we can see why the Democrats, according to the leftists at Politico, are in a full-blown ‘freakout’ over Biden. If things don’t change, they’re increasingly recognizing that November is going to be an absolute Democrat disaster!

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