Dems Chant ‘DEATH to AMERICA!’

A major Democrat constituency chanting ‘Death to America.’ We are going to see the latest ominous development coming from a major swing state and why it’s a catastrophe for Biden’s reelection prospects.

– Protestors in Michigan have been rallying against Biden for months.

– Biden has been losing support among Arab American voters because of his support for Israel in the conflict overseas.

– Dearborn Michigan previously voted overwhelmingly for Biden, but in the recent primary, Biden lost.

Those chants of ‘death to America’ came from Dearborn, Michigan. Protestors gathered on Friday for an international Al-Coots Day rally, which yearly expresses support for the Palestinians and opposition to the ongoing Israeli occupation. In the process, it affirmed that Arab-Americans have turned their backs on Joe Biden! They are calling Biden ‘genocide Joe’ in response to his support for Israel in their retaliation against Hamas after the October 7th massacre.

Biden is being called ‘Genocide Joe’ by Democrats. Michigan has the highest Muslim population in the nation, and they were a key voter constituency for Biden in 2020, Arab-Americans voted for Biden with 70% of the vote. In the recent Michigan primary, Biden lost the city of Dearborn, where this rally was held on Friday. Dearborn is the most densely populated Muslim city in the nation.

Biden won it by 70% of the vote in 2020. In the Michigan primary a few weeks ago, Biden lost Dearborn to the generic ‘uncommitted’ vote, by a 3 to 1 vote. It was a protest vote against Biden’s policies in the Middle East. The Arab-American constituency that had voted for Biden by 70% in 2020 has come out and said they are going to do everything they can to make sure he loses in 2024 as a protest for his policy in the middle east. We saw that effort appear again over the weekend in this Al-Coots Day rally. The irony here is that these chants of Death to America, may indeed be signaling nothing less than the end of Joe Biden himself!

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