Dems are TURNING on Biden & Bragg!!!

If you want to know how the nation is responding to this sham indictment, all you have to do is look at the latest polls! Trump is crushing Biden in a stunning poll turnaround all as the Democrats are turning on this corrupt DA! We’re going to look at the latest the polls, we’re going to see what Democrats voters think about all of this, and wait until you see what even leftist commentators are saying, it’s gonna make your day!

-Trump has SURGED PAST BIDEN in the polls!

-Democrats have TURNED on Alvin Bragg and don’t support the indictment

-This is shaping up for a huge Trump win in 2024

A new Rasmussen poll is showing a massive surge in support for President Trump over Joe Biden! So back in February, Rasmussen polling found that in a head-to-head match-up, Joe Biden was leading Donald Trump 45 to 42. But now, since the indictment, Rasmussen found a 10 point swing towards Trump; he now leads Biden 47 to 40! It’s Trump’s largest lead over Biden he’s had in nearly two years, and the second highest proportion of the vote he’s had since 2020! But it gets even better when you get into the details of the poll. The demographic breakdown is stunning: Biden is hemorrhaging support among Whites, he’s down to just 37 percent; but look at Black and Latino support: Trump is crushing it! He’s nearly 30 percent support among Blacks and 50 percent support among Latinos! Biden is doing worse among Latinos than he is with his Whites!!!

Look at the income brackets, look at this! Trump now leads Biden in every single demographic income group except for the wealthy! Do you see why the old Rockefeller Republican strategy can’t possibly work anymore? Because of the dynamic of refeudalization, which we talk about regularly on this channel, but because our nation is being socially segmented in accordance with a caste system akin to medieval Europe, the wealthy are ALL IN with the Democrats! This isn’t the politics of the 1980s and 90s anymore! Billionaires are now hardcore cultural Marxists, and the sooner the Republican Party learns that lesson the better! So this is gigantic; this is a gigantic opportunity for a truly populist Republican realignment; Biden has lost the middle class, he’s lost everyone making under $100 thousand dollars a year, this is the moment when the GOP can amass perhaps the single most effective populist revolt in our history!

Now this is all happening, interestingly enough, as Democrat Marianne Williamson is starting to make some noticeable gains against Biden! Williamson of course announced her candidacy to challenge Biden for the Democrat nomination, and she’s actually hit double-digit support, at 10 percent! Again, we’ll have to see if this is a trajectory that will continue to erode Biden’s very, very brittle support! Now, again, as all of this is happening, as Trump is surging and Biden is waning, Democrats have officially turned on the Soros-backed DA Alvin Bragg.

Fox News talked to a panel of Democrats and what they had to say about this indictment was pretty revealing:

Well, there you go, in the end, what I’m hearing here is that not only is no one impressed by this indictment, but American voters, Democrats and Republicans alike, are really concerned about the fundamentals of our country. They’re concerned about inflation, the cost of living crisis, the very real prospect of de-dollarization around the globe, they’re really concerned about these things, and they can’t understand why on earth the Biden administration and Democrat DAs are wasting everyone’s time with such trivial nonsense! And that’s why even Never-Trumper sites like National Review are admitting that this indictment has already lost, in more ways than one! They’re pointing out that even leftist commentators can’t find it in themselves to defend this; look at this from the ultra-left ‘Donald Trump Probably Should Not have been charged with this felony’ and it wasn’t just one headline, he’s another from Slate: ‘The Trump Indictment Is Not the Slam-Dunk Case Democrats Wanted.’ Well duh?!?

I mean, this is what you get with Trump Derangement Syndrome! This is the kind of absurdity that hysterics lead to! Over at the ultra-left Vox, look at this headline: ‘The dubious legal theory at the heart of the Trump indictment, explained.’ It’s an article that tries to explain the dubious! Let that hit you! It’s called banana republic political persecution; we’re not used to it here; we’re not used to kangaroo courts, and we’re not used to idiot leftist outlets trying to explain them! Even the ultra-left Washington Post, what has become really nothing more than a comical rag at this point, but even they’re recognizing that this is a sham, and a dangerous one at that, in terms of the retributive politics it could unleash! I have to admit, what these pieces tell me is that these are true believers; these are people, these are woke leftists who really believed that this Soros-backed DA REALLY had something on Trump; and they’re stunned that this is all a big nothing burger! They’re stunned by it, and they’re disillusioned; and if that’s true of hardcore Democrats, we don’t have to imagine how Independents and Republicans are responding, just look at Trump’s polls!

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